As You take Me

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Prince Lu Han of Lumos Empire and the youngest son of King Lu Hinz was traded to be a servant of King Oh Sehun of Amani Empire in exchange of helping their dying Empire to get back on their feet.

Prince Han loves his Empire and his family even they are cruel to him. But for his people to have a better life he will take this opportunity to save their Empire.

As You Take Me, will it be worth it? As I take You, am I worth it?




Heyo! This is Ly again and yes! I started a new story once again and I’m really sorry I’m starting a new story even I have dozens of ongoing stories here and on twitter. I don’t know why as well but I’ll try my best to finish my stories before I ascend or descend? idk hahaha

I still can remember when I sent a whole prompt to @manlymaknaee out of a whim because I am too excited about this concept haha I’m sorry about that again bhie but as promised here it is! haha! 


I’ll just post it here for the ongoing #HunHanFicFest2022! Hoping to finished during the #HunHanWeek so Please don’t forget to comment your thoughts so I could finished it hehe! Thank you hunhanist!

“HunHan in 2022?” Yes, HunHan in 2022 and forever!

Hello everyone! Happy 520 Day! I hope everyone is doing okay. And oh btw, the book already have 70 subs and I thank everyone for that! Thank you for reading my story! I appreciate you all! 😭🧡
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