Grey Suit

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"With you, the whole world is aglow 
I pray, you're the light.
Suddenly, the frozen minutes melt like a miracle
The moment I encounter you, it turns into colors." 
Suho, Grey Suit.


Kim Junmyeon, a professional boxer on the rise and an ambitious man working day and night to chase his dreams, finds himself a girl who turned his life upside down and became his source of delight.

He was willing to do everything for her while trying to court her, even if it means getting caught up in the world of loan sharks and rich, corrupted men in order to meet her parents' expectations right after they rejected him.

He had nothing to lose, after all... or hadn't he?



Kim Junmyeon, a Boxer (28)

Do Yeori, University Student (21)

Byun Baekhyun, their bestie (28)

The main poster and background are made by dreamshun!

This fic is a gift for a friend of mine (_Misu_)

Warning(s): This fic contains angst, blood and violence.

Some exo members will be introduced here! But remember, I only use their names/images to create my inspiration for my fics! I don't own them. This is purely fictional and every character/event here is from my own imagination :) 

DON'T steal any idea/scene/dialogue! I work really hard to write and put my thoughts down! Please don't steal or copy any of my works! Create your own plots and work hard to deliver them instead of stealing other people' work!

I don't allow translations! Especially if you don't ask for my permission first! Do ask me if you want to translate this fic! We can always talk and figure everything out :)

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first chapter of Grey Suit is up ;) i hope you enjoy reading it!
let me know what you think hehe


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Chapter 1: this chapter was really cute
Chapter 1: This chapter was so cute and romantic❤️ I cant wait for their love to unfold! Thank you for this update :D
Chapter 1: I have the first chapter bookmarked! After this semester ends I plan on reading :)
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Chapter 1: The first meeting was very romantic if you exclude the creep trying to do harm to Yeori. Junmyeon was there to save the day. They have a connection despite coming from different backgrounds. Yeori is rich meanwhile Junmyeon is saving up money for his father's treatment while also having to pay for such things like rent and food.

Their worlds have collided and the two are catching feels fast. Junmyeon is the type of guy Yeori likes.

I also liked the contrast of Yeori being this soft music therapy major while Junmyeon is the strong boxer.

By the way I have a feeling that Jin won't back out that easily and might want revenge. But my guess might be wrong.

Cherry cupcakes sound delicious. Junmyeon has a hidden romantic side in him when it comes to Yeori.
The first chapter is so good! Good job, author!
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Chapter 1: 💗😘💗😘💗

Nope, it's never too late for love! 😉👌

At times, we all take risks and take shortcuts (or we get lost looking for something) to get to our destination faster, and in most cases, we don't think too much about the dangers of our choices, but yes, can go wrong, and the experience can be terrible. 👀 There are many creeps out there and young women need to be especially careful! 👀 She was one step closer to a terrible thing happening but thankfully she was saved! 😉 That idiot deserves more than just a broken jaw! -_- Like seriously. -_- Anyhow, the most important part is that she was saved and her savior accepted her offer to buy him a drink! 😉🥰

Well, well, well. 😉 The following scene was quite cute and at times, it made me chuckle! First, the part with the drinks, whatever she suggested, he said no. 😅😂 Of course, she was going to say 'Why is it so hard to buy you a drink?' - or something along those lines. I swear that is hilarious and cute at the same time! 😂🥰👌😉 In the end, they both agreed to some tea, after all, he is an athlete and we all know they are careful about their health (at least some of them do), so yeah. Anyway, I must say that Junmyeon was sneaky and he didn't fail to scan her and notice her features! 👌😉 Heck, he even compared her to a fairy. 😉😍 But I am glad to see that the two started well and even though it was short, I would call it sweet! Knowing at least a little bit about him was good and vice versa. 😉😍🥰👌 LOVED IT!

Ah, Baekhyun made an appearance! 😉 Money struggle is real for both of them, but it cracked me up when Baekhyun said his sister will skin him alive if he doesn't bring him the money and that he is crashing at Junmyeon's place. Poor Baek. 😂😅

OMO! 👀 I didn't expect her to show up at the gym, but I must admit that it was a pleasant surprise. 😉 Here I thought that only Junmyeon was the sneaky one, but I was wrong. He got her attention from the very beginning and it's crazy, but in a good kind of way, if you know what I mean! 😉 She scanned him from head to toe while her dry lips. Time to hang out again! 😉👌 The attraction to the 'stranger' is evident and I just love how Baekhyun is observing everything from the far corner!

Their second 'hang out' was also very sweet and I like the fact that she is blunt with him. 😉👍 Oh, this is only the beginning for them! 😍🥰💗

My opinion about the characters:

Junmyeon - It's only the first chapter and I believe that there is more to his character, but either way, I love what I see so far! He seems nice and caring! But I am looking forward to seeing his development! 🥰😍😉👌

Yeori - As said, it's only the first chapter, but Yeori seems to be a sweet girl and something tells me that she will be one of my favorite characters! I also can't wait to see the development of her character! 😉👌

Baekhyun - Even though he only appeared for a short moment, I like his personality so far. He seems funny and charming! 😉 Maybe it's safe to say that he and Junmyeon are best of buddies (but we'll see what happens). ^^

It's only the first chapter, but so far I am in love with it and I can't wait to see the development of the story and characters! 🥰😍

It sure is a fresh change, but I love it! This was cute and I enjoyed every single part of this chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next! 💗🌹👌😉 You did an amazing job! 🌹💗

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Chapter 1: This is really cute, enjoyed it 😍
Babyrosie #7
Chapter 1: This is so cute🥹 I hope you’ll make it a cute fic!
njhjcw_lovejinam #8
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Nice chapter, I could feel the emotion of being together again, feeling comfortable with each other, obviously there is an attraction between the two, it was nice that she looked for it, thanks for the update Nina, I loved the chapter, I hope I'm not late to wish you a happy Valentine's Day ❤️
Chapter 1: All I can say is both are simping for each other. That’s it.
Chapter 1: I'm in love with this chapter🫶🏻 It's so sweet and the chemistry is already here. I'm looking forward to next chapters🤩