The Fugitives

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When Jessica loses everything, she meets Tiffany and Seohyun who are a member of a Gang Thief. One night they broke into a bank and were wanted by LA Police Department. They have no choice but to hide and flew back to Seoul where they meet Yuri, Yoona, and Taeyeon who are known, businessmen.



It's freezing cold on a Sunday night but three friends, Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun still go on with their mission. They drove into the bank in just thirty minutes. Checking the surroundings, they confirmed it was quiet as heck and prepare their weapons, and wore full masks to cover their faces.


"You guys ready?" Jessica asked as she cocked her rifle.


"Hold on, I'm breaking into the security." Seohyun an IT geek is not yet done on her laptop.


"Do you think they will recognize us right now?" Tiffany chuckles and blows on her bubble gum. 


"L.A. PD has high technology but we have Seohyun here either way. She can stop the CCTV right now." Said Jessica, giving the youngest of the group and proud smile from the passenger seat.


"Want some?" Tiffany offered bread to the blonde sitting across from her in their van.


"You are chewing gum and you want to eat that right now?" laughs Jessica but she took the bread nonetheless. 


Tiffany took her gum out of and bite at her bread. "You know I get hungry easily." She snickers. 


"It's ready. Just an hour okay?" Seohyun announced once she broke the security on the bank's gate. "Bring as much as money. We don't need to steal them all."


"As if every bag can't fill a million dollars. Contact us right away when you see the police." Jessica said, taking the four empty bags and walking out of the van. 


"Don't forget to play our music." Tiffany winks at the younger girl and steps out of the van before the blonde close the door. They carefully jog towards the gate and easily open it while holding their rifles. 


As they reach the bank, Jessica scanned the door with the card and it unlocks easily. She let Tiffany first check the surroundings before following her inside. They pass the counter and went to the storage room where they meet the vault. It was made of metal and needs to be decoded. Again, Jessica scanned it and Seohyun works with it by decoding it from the van.


"Give me fifteen minutes." Seohyun told them from their AirPods.


"Tsk." Jessica and Tiffany sits down on the floor and finished their bread. 


By the time they heard the vault unlocks, they hurriedly get up and opened it wide. 


"Whoa." They were greeted by a pile of bandle of cash, their eyes are sparkling as they smile gleefully. 


"30 minutes." Seohyun's voice echoed in their ears which lead them to open the bags and began stuffing every bundle inside.


Jessica who was an accountancy student easily counts the cash. "Five thousand dollars for every bundle of this."


"Chincha?" Tiffany exclaimed. "Then we can get as much as 20 million."


"Exactly." Jessica excitedly replied.


It took only twenty minutes for them to fill the bags. They hastily returned to the van and ask Seohyun to drive.


"Hell yeaaaah!!! We're really going to be richer this time!" Jessica just laughs while counting every bag with Tiffany's help.


"But our boss, you know he's getting more of these." Seohyun reminded, glancing at them.


"Yah, we're not going back to that dirty wear house anymore." Said Tiffany as she smelled every dollar and giggled. 


"Chincha? Then where are we heading?"


"I rented a place downtown. Just keep driving straight and when you see a Chinese restaurant, pull over." Instructed Jessica and sighed. "This is ten million dollars." And announced the first bag.


"Ten million?" Both Seohyun and Tiffany exclaimed. 


"That's huge!" The youngest cried. 


"If every bag has ten million, then we have eighty..."


"We have 80 million. That's bigger than the previous bank we broke into." Jessica grinned so wide. 


"Kyaaa, I can't wait to buy myself a new place."


"Same here. We finally can move on too." Jessica snickered. She started counting the other bags as well to make sure it's the same.


Seohyun holds the steering wheel so tight while smiling like a fool. She speeds up and turned their music to its highest level.


"That's... A hundred and fifty million dollars." However, They're wrong. All three of them look into each other's eyes and scream in celebration. 




While everyone was asleep, Jessica came out of their bedroom and walk to the balcony. It was still freezing cold so she got herself a cigarette while her mind is wandering, including her plans on what to get with what she gets. They each get 50 million dollars, enough to get herself back to college but she is thinking twice about it. 


Suddenly hearing sirens, she got up from her seat and gasped to see police cars are coming. She crouched down to see if it will only pass or not. Unfortunately, it pulled over in front of the Chinese restaurant. "." She cursed and throw the cigarette as she runs back inside and shakes her friends.


"You guys get up, police are here." Seohyun and Tiffany didn't wake up however so she push them off of the bed. The two girls groaned. "Yah, we have to leave, the police are coming!" she shouted.


Seohyun and Tiffany's eyes widened. They hurriedly take the bags and a few of their stuff including their rifles and left the apartment quietly through the fire exit. 


The police reached their place on time they got into the van. But they still heard gunshots, aimed at their van.


"Keep driving, I'm firing back." Jessica opened the window and pulled the trigger.


*bang band bang*


She released three bullets before she the rifle again and returned to her seat.


"Where are we going?" Tiffany is a bit scared. This is the first time the police are coming for them. "It looks like the boss called the police, so there's no chance we can return to the gang."


"I'm planning to go to Chile." Jessica breathlessly said.


"Chincha? Wae?" Tiffany exclaimed.


"There's no way they're going to follow us to another country. And I have this someone I can ask." She replied and hissed. "You should think now on where are you going." She suggested firmly.


"I'm going to Hongkong." Seohyun shared hers too. "I have a friend living there."


Tiffany wails. "Where am I going then? I don't have any friends besides you guys."


"Then you're coming with me." Jessica and Seohyun answered together. 


"Fine, I'm coming back to Seoul." Tiffany decided, sending glares to her friends while they are smiling at her in amusement.




Wearing black hair, sunglasses, and a coat, Jessica walks out with the other passengers on the plane. She doesn't know any more about the country so she just keeps walking, following the directions in the airport until she reaches the queue for the taxi.


Unconsciously turning her head behind, dropped to see Tiffany and Seohyun coming together. The youngest wears blonde hair while Tiffany wears purple hair, all are wearing the same trench coat and boots with her. They absolutely used their money to buy new clothes and wigs to hide from the police.


"Are you freaking kidding me?" She exclaimed as she put her sunglasses down to greet them.


"We decided to come together, Unnie." Seohyun is surprised to see her too. 


"And it seems you have the same mind like ours." Tiffany snickers, happy to see their leader is in Seoul like them.


Jessica laughs. "And you guys definitely used the money to look rich." She said the obvious earning awkward laughs from her friends.




A/N: Will be updated if I see any interest in this story.




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