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It Started with a Wedding



Your POV


You reached the bridal boutique.

                “Where’s the bride?” the boutique owner asked both of you.

                “She won’t be fitting the wedding gown because her family believed that wearing the

gown before the wedding day is bad luck” you explained.

                “Being superstitious huh?” the woman chuckled.

                “So my best friend here will be fitting the gown in her place. They’re the same size”

Siwon said as he put his right arm over your shoulder.

                “Yeah it’s a good thing you got a best friend like her who’s willing to be a body double”

She joked as you followed her to the fitting room.


Eun Hye’s POV


She looked herself in the mirror. All of this is real and she’ll be a married woman in a few days.

She’s sure that Kim Jaejoong would be a nice husband to her. He’s gentleman, kind, and

responsible. Her father always wanted him to be his son-in-law. On the contrary, she couldn’t say

that she’s happy. That person gave her his blessings when she told him about the wedding. He’s a

sunbae back in college. They spent a lot of time together until she developed a feeling for him. She

told him that she likes him but didn’t get any response in return.

                “Eun Hye, this is your path now…” She told herself but tears fall down from her eyes.


Jaejoong’s POV


After wearing his tuxedo, he decided to step out and look for Eun Hye on the next room.

                “He’s the most handsome guy I’ve seen!”

                “He’s like a model from the magazine!”

                “I really envy his bride. I’d give anything to marry a guy like that!”he heard those girls

talking in a voice like they’re day dreaming. Anyway, he ignored all the stares he’s getting from the

lady assistants and went to the next room. He waited until the assistants open the curtains. The

woman turned around slowly. Everything seems to be like in a slow motion. She’s not Eun Hye but

that’s not what surprises him. The woman in the wedding dress is very lovely and in that moment

he admitted to himself that she’s the most beautiful woman he ever laid his eyes on. Then he

suddenly saw himself waiting for her in the altar. Junsu’s words echoed in his ears.


“What if, in a time and place that you least expect, you encounter the girl who’ll catch your attention? The girl who will make you lovesick and will awake your cold heart?”


The woman looked to his direction and their eyes met. She smiled to him.

“What do you think?” she said in a soft voice.

Jaejoong though he’s going to have a heart attack because his heart is beating in an unfamiliar way.

“Oh God!”Jaejoong whispered to himself.


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Chapter 57: Hahaha! Junsu ypu're so lucky that she has a very valid reason of getting so 'attached ' to you.
Re-reading fever!
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Chapter 15: Hehe..jaejoong extra happu bcoz of the news..i could totally imagine it
Chapter 12: I just found this..its nicely written..short but precise ..

Its contain humor and unique plot that i never read b4
ayouth #7
Chapter 57: I really love this story..a lot...i don't know how many times i've read it... i'm your fan totally
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Chapter 60: i like your story of jj , just discovered this a while ago, please write more about jj, thanks
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Chapter 58: your all stories are jjang! ate! <333333333333
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Chapter 57: dear author , just finish reading this fic. I cried at the separation and cursed siwon , your writing brought out that emotion in me. you are my chai. gonna read your other fics too.