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[ heather - conan gray ] 



"You look like you're going to freeze over, Winter—quite ironic for your name, noh?"


The piece of clothing felt warm, at least for me. It felt snug against my figure, clearly two sizes bigger for me, but I didn't mind it as I thanked you with a faint smile, and watch you walk away.


Your smell fills my senses—something clicks in me, and I wish you're closer, I wish I can put my arms around you, I wish a lot of things that would not even come true for you stare at her like how you stare at me.


"Girl, that looks good on you. Di ba, Rina?" Ryujin says, and your friend only smiles, nodding at that, and I stare at you with that confident smile you've always owned, but I can't even do anything to cause that.


"Ryu, hanap ka na ni Yeji dun oh." biglang pagsagot nung Karina, and I watch as you walk away, while this friend of yours stuck with me while I embraced myself with this sweater of yours.


"You like her, noh?"


The question surprises me as I stand back, moving away from her pero mas dumikit sa akin lalo itong si Karina, then putting her arm around me—how bold of her.


"Eyes don't lie, Minjeong."




Even she never calls me that.


"And what if I do?" I ask, and I widen my eyes as she takes off her own sweater and pulls Ryujin's sweater off of me, then proceeds to put her sweater on me—it felt warmer, at least.


Her smile feels warmer, even more.


"Then I'm telling you, Minjeong, you don't even stand a chance." she says, slinging Ryujin's sweater upon her shoulder while I hide my hands inside the sleeves of hers, like hiding a secret I don't even want out—


God, it's too cold.


"Your nose is red oh, cute." Rina—her name is Katarina, as I remember—pokes my nose with a finger, and when I turn redder because of that she takes a hand, and her hands feel warmer than mine, searing my fingertips with her warmth that even just her presence radiates.


"Stop ka diyan." I utter, and she lets out an amused laugh, but she still intertwines her fingers with mine, and with my accumulated shame and embarrassment and her own warmth, I feel a lot better than earlier.


"What would I stop ba?" she asks, and I roll my eyes at her.


"I don't even know you." I utter, as if it could be a card I could use for her to stop, but she just smiles so confidently again.


"And I don't even know you as well, and yet we're here. I feel jealous, noh." she says with a slight undertone I could still not decipher, but I let it be as I raise my brow at her.


"Ha? Bakit ka naman magseselos, eh hindi nga tayo magkakilala?" I ask, and she stares back into Ryujin and Yeji, at the weird couple-y sight in front of us, and somehow my heart is oddly at peace.


Being close and holding the hand of this woman beside me under the cold of the mornings.


"Kasi I think I'd want you to stare at me like how you stare at her."


Nanlaki na lang ang mga mata ko sa sinabi niya, and I could not even answer as she laughs at my reaction, and yet her grip upon my hand gets slightly tighter, like she's afraid I would let go.


I won't, naman.


"Ayaw mo itry, Minjeong?" Katarina Yoo asks, and the Minjeong Kim in me listens intently.


"Ang ano?"


"Date me."




I blink at her before she lets out another laugh again, and she stares at me intently, as if gauging my reaction to her actions right now.


"Date me, and I swear I'll make you forget all about her. Look, you don't even have a hint of jealousy in your face right now oh, now that you're holding my hand." she says with a confident smile, and I roll my eyes at her.


"Ang kapal mo."


"But it is true, right?"


"...yeah." her ear turns red, but her face is still indifferent, just smiling at me.


Don't smile at me like that, Katarina.


"Date me, and I'd make you the happiest in the world. Mas masaya pa kay Yeji." she says with a laugh, at napabuntong hininga na lang ako sa mga pinagsasasabi nito.


"Hindi naman yan competition." I utter, but she pokes my nose yet again.


"And yet there's something in me that's willing to prove to you that I can treat you better than them, Minjeong."




"You really have a way with words, noh?" I ask, trying to still my heart, for its now beating crazier than ever, and as she sees my frantic attempts, she just smiles again.


"I just like to think that I have a way with you."




"Fine." I say, and her eyes brighten up.


"But if you don't hold up your end of the deal, then it's over na, ha." I say, and she nods enthusiastically at that.


"Of course, Minjeongie." she says, and I laugh at that.


"Minjeongie? Ano yun?"


"Nickname, para cute."


"Eh ano sa akin, Rinaie? Hindi bagay—"


"Jimin." she says, staring straight forward, and I stare at her.




Ang ganda niya pala.


"Call me Jimin." she says, then looking back at me.


"It's a nickname just reserved for you." she says, and God.


Mga pinagsasasabi ng babaeng ito.


"Alright, Jimin."


You gave me your sweater, it's just polyester

But you like her better

Wish I were heather




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