Stay by my side

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In the midst of bankruptcy and closing the Coffee shop restaurant that her and her two friends established in a foreign country, suddenly a man named Byun Baekhyun arrived and ordered an iced Americano it feels like he was a descendant from the heaven and a human form of an angel that saved the day and her coffee shop.


“Sajangnim! That handsome and ultimately cute person just exited our coffee shop is the answer of your problems and me, Sohee and Hangyeol also!!”

“What do you mean Bobae? He just ordered a regular iced Americano that is only four thousand won and I can also buy it.”

The petit blonde short haired rolled her eyes and snickered to the man who is holding a rug busily wiping the windows earlier but his attention is diverted to the commotion wherein the lady owner/boss and her two female staffs standing near at her table in the dining area.

“Duh? Byun Baekhyun is a celebrity while YOU are an ordinary  employee holding a rug."

 Hangyeol has a blank face and only proceed to his activity and then after finishing he quietly leaves them.

The lady boss have a neutral face which mean she is always witnessing that kind of scene between her staffs. Upon hearing what her staff blurted brighten her face and catch her attention.

“ Sajangnim! Let's post it to Twitter and everything will be alright.”

Without thinking twice she smiled and nodded her head.

“Let me create a new account.”


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