Jaehyun is (NOT!) a Common Name


When Younghoon asked Eric if he could tell his crush to meet him after practice, he hadn't considered that there were at least three other boys with the same name as his crush. On the same basketball team.


You know these “I wanted to write a short OS but then it suddenly EXPLODED and became a 5 chapter 20k words fanfiction”-stories? This is one of ‘em. I was procrastinating (I still am) and yeah. I figured there’s not enough bbangmil. So you can take it or leave it. (Please take it.)

I apologize in advance: English is not my first language (I'm German). Thus I apologize if it sounds a little stiff or weird etc. once in a while. But I read it like 20 times myself now and if I don’t post it now I’ll overthink it and ruin it.



1st: We ignore the fact that Korean schools use name tags because otherwise the whole plot wouldn’t make any sense at all lol. But I guess the whole thing doesn’t make much sense anyway, BUT! It’s called fan-FICTION for a reason, soooo~

2nd: Well, my English & I at describing stuff (even in German) lol but feel free to point out plot holes and bad grammar, etc. I take any kind of criticism - I’ll handle it like a champ (-> aka 'crying').

3rd: Chapter 2 & kind of the rest is almost done but don’t be fooled! I’m a lazy perfectionist so I might get overwhelmed and won’t work on it at all and then I’ll write the rest but I’ll be disappointed and- yeah. You know what I’m talking about.

4th: But we hope it’ll work out hehehe :))

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