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GOT Sisterhood
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P/s This story inspired by one of episodes in Soshi Tamtam

Karina: Hello everyone! Welcome back to GOT THE SHOW. Today's episode will be hosted by me, GOT Karina and our maknae…

Winter: The maknae, GOT Winter. Hello~ today we will bring to you guys a special episode. Why is it special? It is because special guest invited to join us

Karina: The guests are invited personally by our unnie. Draw has been made after the recording of the last episode. Taeyeon unnie, Seulgi unnie and Wendy unnie are chosen to invite their guests. The guest is not necessarily a celebrity. That person could be a family member or their close friend

Winter: That’s right. Both of us don't know who will come today because we decided to not be informed beforehand. We want it to be a surprise to us too. Sadly, Hyoyeon unnie and Boa unnie are not able to join us in this episode because both of them have personal schedules. Both of them flew to different countries a few days ago. We hope for safe journey to our unnie

Karina: To begin our program, we first invite Seulgi unnie, Taeyeon unnie and Wendy unnie to the studio. Unnie, come in~

T/S/W: Hello! Hi!

Winter: Aigoo, our unnie looks extra happy today. First of all, congratulations to Seulgi unnie for her solo debut. Woah, her songs are all amazing and the MV is cool. I listened to the songs in your album repeatedly unnie. Ningning, Giselle unnie and me also covered 28 Reasons dance too. We will upload the video in our Instagram soon

Taeyeon: I listened to your songs often too. Early this morning I jam to Dead Man Runnin’ and Bad Boy Sad Girl

Wendy: Seulgi’s songs are cool like herself. I’m very proud of her. Her hard work finally paid off. Good job, my business friend. Give a word or two, please

Seulgi: hehe…thank you unnie, Seungwan, Minjeong and Jimin. Thanks to celebrity and non-celebrity friends too. I can’t mention one by one here. Big thanks to my fans and family members for always giving support and cheering me. Everyone is giving me strength and motivation while working on my first mini album. It feels like a dream that I finally reach this milestone. I look forward for more solo activities from now on

Taeyeon: SM-ssi, please take note before I call out you guys on Instagram again

Seulgi: Unnie, you’re so scary *everyone laughing*

Karina: Alright, now it’s time for us to bring in our guest. We would like unnie here to call their guest to come in. Before calling their name, let us hear a little bit of description about this special guest. Shall we start with Wendy unnie?

Wendy: Yes! Hehe…my guest today is my special friend. She is a celebrity. An amazing singer. We first met in a music show during promotion. She came to my radio twice to promote her album. Currently she’s working on a new album and I hope she can come again. She is a supportive friend, caring and warmth

Taeyeon: Wendy sound like someone fall in love

Winter: Seulgi unnie smile is suspicious. She might know something

Seulgi: She is her special friend. A very special someone

Winter: Wendy unnie is blushing. Hahaha!

Karina: Since everyone is excited to see that special friend. Let’s welcome a special guest to our studio

Wendy: Eunbi-ah, come in~

Everyone claps their hands when Eunbi enters the studio. They welcome her with loud cheers. Wendy quickly pull Eunbi to stand beside her

Winter: Eunbi sunbaenim, welcome to GOT THE SHOW. We’re glad to have you here as one of our special guests. Thank you for spare your time to come to our channel

Eunbi: Thank you, Winter-ssi and thanks to Wendy unnie for inviting me. When Wendy unnie calls me if I can come as her guest on GOT THE SHOW, I immediately check my schedule. Thankfully I’m free today

Karina: Wendy unnie looked unusually happy today because you’re coming. Seem like you give extra energy to our energetic Wendy unnie

Eunbi: Is it true, unnie?

Wendy: hehe…I think it’s true

Taeyeon: Yahh Son Seungwan, don’t blush. Is this your first time to stare at Eunbi's eyes? *laughing heartily*

Wendy: Don’t tease me, unnie~

Seulgi: Unnie, Seungwan is newbie in this kind of stuff. She’s still learning

Karina: Wendy unnie is cute and funny. Now we move to the next guest. It’s Taeyeon unnie turn

Taeyeon: I think everyone can guess who will be my special guest. This person always and forever holds a special place in my heart. My very special woman. My forever one and my boo. Words is not enough to describe how special she is to me

Karina: This one is so romantic

Winter: From the description, everyone can tell who she is. We don’t need to say her name out loud. They are already a legendary couple that is known by many people. GOT THE SHOW welcoming, Tiffany sunbaenim!

Tiffany steps inside with a big smile while waving her hand happily. Her infamous eye-smile brightened up the entire studio. She give quick hug to Taeyeon and exchange greeting with other members

Winter: Tiffany sunbaenim, welcome to GOT THE SHOW. We’re glad to have you here. This is the first time I and Jimin unnie appear in the same show as Eunbi sunbaenim. We’re so excited right now

Tiffany: That's so sweet of you, Winter. I am also happy to be here today. I have been excited since the day Taeyeon told me about the invitation. She don’t need to ask twice because I say yes before she end her sentence

Seulgi: That fast?

Tiffany: Yes Seul, I watched GOT THE SHOW since the first episode and you guys are having so much fun. I want to have fun here too

Wendy: We hope all of you will have fun shooting today, unnie

Tiffany: Sure Wen, I’ll enjoy the entire show. By the way, this is my first time meeting Eunbi-ssi in person. You’re so beautiful

Eunbi: You are also beautiful, sunbaenim. I have been your fan since you all debuted. You all are my inspiration to become a singer

Tiffany: I hope your career gain a lot of success

Eunbi: Thank you, sunbae

Taeyeon: Boo, Eunbi is Wendy’s special friend. You know the special meaning

Tiffany: Oh, I thought you two are only best friends knowing Wendy is known as single since birth. Wendy-ah, unnie is so proud. Man up, okay?

Wendy: Okay unnie…hehe

Taeyeon: Boo, it’s me who should say man up

Tiffany: Ew, today is not your day, Kim

Karina: Let’s move to our last guest that invited by Seulgi unnie

Seulgi: hehe…my guest is the best woman of this generation. I’m bad at describing and expressing my feelings, so that’s all. Please welcome our original visual Irene unnie!

Karina: Yeah, Irene unnie! Welcome to GOT THE SHOW

Irene: Thank you for the invitation and warm welcome

Taeyeon: Since Seulgi only gave a short description about Irene earlier, why don’t we hear Irene describe Seulgi? Who is Seulgi to you, Irene?

Seulgi: Say something good about me *cackle*

Irene: I will make description not about singer Kang Seulgi but as regular people, someone who I know for so many years…that other people never see that side of her

Winter: Oh, that will be exciting

Irene: Kang Seulgi is very caring, thoughtful, hardworking and soft, especially to someone dear to her. Even though she is given a nickname slowgi, sometimes she is alert to everything that happens around her. Seulgi could be sharp sometimes. Seulgi is also an all-rounder. She has many hidden talents as we can see on her solo album. I hope she can express her talent more on her solo work

Taeyeon: You’re right. I already gave a warning to our agency so they can let Seulgi show her talent and capability. They will deal with me if they still limit Seulgi's move. Same goes for Wendy. Wendy is talented artist so it such a waste if they not help her to go far

Wendy: Her dream to be a director in SM will come true if they give her way

Everyone sat on the stool that was prepared by the crew. Seulgi noticed that Irene's dress was short, exposing her thigh. She quickly go to their manager to get a blanket for Irene

Seulgi: Aigoo, I told you don’t wear short dress *whisper*

Irene: This dress suits today’s vibe so I wear it. Don’t sulking *she pinch Seulgi’s cheek to *

Seulgi: I’m worry if you catch cold

Irene: I’ll be fine, bear

Wendy: Excuse me, everyone. The couple beside me is bickering. Can someone bring me away from them? I need rescue

Taeyeon: There’s one thing that everyone should know about our visual couple. They whip for each other. At first I thought Seulgi whipped for Irene but when I often meet them, both of them are no different. Irene is as whipped as Seulgi

Irene: Unnie, I’m not whipped~

Taeyeon: Say

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