GOT Sisterhood
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Jeonju General Hospital, Room 309

Doctor Irene: Hello. You finally woke up after three months

Taeyeon: Did I give birth?

Doctor Irene: Don’t worry, your babies are fine. You had twins, a boy and a girl…and your sister, Kim Hyoyeon, named them

Taeyeon: No! She is an idiot. What did she name the girl?

Doctor Irene: Denice

Taeyeon: Oh, that’s actually nice. What about the boy?

Doctor Irene: Denephew

Taeyeon: *fainted*

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Chapter 6: hyo being a single pringle like me 😞😞
Hi_seulgikang #2
Chapter 5: LMAOOOO
Chapter 5: LMAOOO NOOO
Chapter 4: Tf I'm rollin' hyo HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I'm expecting some winrina or even taent actions but I got some actions into my two bias 😭
Chapter 1: Their usernames makes me laugh but at the same time I find it cute too 😂
I'm so excited I finally got to read a story based on GOT 😍
thank you for the story!
187 streak #9
Simulan na
RoastedPeanuts44 #10
Chapter 1: i'm sorry, I just can't get over yuri's photo 😂