GOT Sisterhood
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9:45 AM at RV Design

Wendy: Aigoo, where is Kim Yerim? It almost 10 but she not arrive yet

The Canadian CEO grumbling at the lobby after she’s checking her staff attendance. One of her staff still hasn't appeared. She knows that bubbly girl is not around because she doesn't hear her laugh or she makes chaos in the office. Few minutes later, she heard the door open. She quickly looks toward the entrance and she’s right, Yeri trying to sneak in so that the boss will not catch her late. Sadly today is not her day

Wendy: Kim Yerim!

Yeri: G-good morning, boss

Wendy: You’re late again today. What is your excuse this time?

Yeri: I stuck on traffic jam

Wendy: You should depart early from home so you won't get stuck. Look at me, I can arrive early every day even though my house is farther than yours

Yeri: Let's exchange cars, boss. Maybe I can arrive early if I use your car

Wendy: Okay, give me your car key

The boss and her troublemaker staff exchange keys. She give Mercedes key to Yeri while the younger girl give her card

Wendy: What card is this?

Yeri: Public transport card. I ride public transport, that's why I'm always late. Make sure you arrive early tomorrow, boss *wink*

Wendy leaves dumbfounded at the lobby while Yeri already skips to her cubicle without guilt. Later, Wendy shrugs her shoulder and leave to her office


Next day, Yeri arrived at the office earlier than usual. She quickly went to the CEO office to check if Wendy arrived or not. However, she shocked when Wendy already sit on her chair drinking a cup of hot coffee

Yeri: Boss, you arrived? Aren’t you supposed to be late?

Wendy: Do you think I only have one car?

Wendy smirks then she takes out a pouch then takes out the content. A bunch of luxury car keys fall down from the pouch

Wendy: The one that you see he

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Chapter 5: LMAOOOO
Chapter 5: LMAOOO NOOO
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Simulan na
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Chapter 1: i'm sorry, I just can't get over yuri's photo 😂