The Significance of One


Jang Ri In, a poor girl that has to be married off to a cold hearted Kim Junsu. After falling in love with him, she could no longer see a a smile on Kim Junsu's face she longed to see. She tried a way to break off all lines with him. That way will make her suffer more pain but then, if she stays by Kim Junsu, she will suffer more from heart ache.


Jang Ri In's parents died from a car accident. She was bought as a servant to the Kim family. Ri In had forever fallen for Kim Junsu but he didn't realise it at all. In his eyes, she was just a servant like no other. After Junsu's mother had found out about Ri In's back ground, she was to be married to Junsu. Junsu's mother had been saved by Ri In's mother. Junsu's mother had the only choice to re pay Ri In's mother is to marry her son to Ri In. They were married but Junsu treated he like thin air. One day, they both discovered that they were cousins but it was just a fraud. Will this be a chance for Junsu to get Ri In back or will he lose her forever and make her his *fake* cousin, forever?



Kim Junsu - DSBK

One little cheerful boy that used to be him. After the marriage, he made himself seem very hated. Always denying, will it be too late for this little guy to move off his seat and take action instead? He always thinks negatively off Jang Ri In. He never truly cared for her. One even agrees to sign the paper

Jang Ri In - Zhang Li Yin

A shy but very will hearted girl. A master in Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Judo. One that loves Kim Junsu, will be the one to let him go if she could bare. She believes in all things happy. Though she may look physically strong, but inside she is weak and will only ever show this side of her to Kim Junsu.


Members of DBSK

- Kim Jae Joong

-Ri In's best friend a long time ago

- Jung Yunho

-works in the same company as Junsu and Ri In

- Park Yoochun

-works in the same company as Junsu and Ri In

Park Jae Young - Park Hee Bon

-the girl that will help Junsu realise the fact

Hang Kyung - Hen Geng

-the person that likes Ri In and will find a way to make Ri In his

Kim Taeyeon - SNSD

-the one that has an affair with Junsu

Lee Yeonhee - Lee Yeon-Hee

-Ri In's best friend other than Jae Joong

Sunny Lee - Lee Sun-kyu - SNSD

-Ri In's faithful secretary that will always stand by Ri in's side

Kim Junho - 2PM

- Junsu's brother that is a fashion designer

*This ( - ) means: also known as, as referring to, describes or belongs to*
PG13+ for uncensored swear languages.
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Hi, do you remember me? You allowed me to translate one of your fic last year. I always give proper credit and send you the link. I really love this story. Could you allow me to translate it? Thank you!
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this story is the best!!! i <3 it so much!<br />
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