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0603. We are now taking pre-reservations.
0703. Officially open.
2803. Murder Mystery event.
2504. The Singles Project.
2305. Squid Game.
this is my family, a perfect constellation
so many stars and everybody gets to shine!

scroll up.
1. this is a closed rp. please don't talk to outsiders including former members. 
2. reach fifty tweets within twenty-four hours of verification. 48 hours of inactivity results in unverification. you must tweet at least five pure tweets in 48 hours.
3. one account per person.
4. ccs and tccs are allowed once every twenty-four hours. temporary ccs last up to twenty-four hours.
5. tl is rated pg-16. please be mindful of appropriate topics for the timeline. limited ooc, please use brackets.
6. please be considerate of others by refraining from replying to mentions and qrts when the tl is busy. by the way, which madrigal family member reminds you of yourself?
7. dm base with any issues or questions and keep drama off the timeline. admins will assess whether to give you a warning or a kickout on a case-by-case basis.
8.  keep your following/followers list clean.
9.  have fun.
how to join

1. read the rules and subscribe, upvotes welcome
2. please check the masterlist to see if your faceclaim is available. check the wishlist for ideas if you’re unsure. we only accept fcs from the korean industry.
3. comment below with your group, fc, timezone and the password.
4. you have 24 hours to create your account and mention base once your reservation has been accepted. you may ask for an extension if you think you will require one.
5. username format is all lowercase letters:
@csaname or @namecsa. add casita somewhere in your layout.
6. follow base and everyone before mentioning for verification.
7. follow everyone and join timeline once you have been verified.
8. welcome home.
taken reserved

aespa: karina
blackpink: jennie lisa rose
bts: jungkook v
dkz: jaechan
dreamcatcher: jiu
enhypen: jay sunghoon
itzy: chaeryeong yeji
kep1er: xiaoting
le sserafim: chaewon
kazuha sakura yunjin
loona: heejin hyunjin
nct: ten
red velvet: irene 
seulgi wendy yeri
stayc: sumin
stray kids: han hyunjin
in leeknow
the boyz: eric juyeon
twice: momo
txt: beomgyu hyuka
soobin taehyun yeonjun
viviz: eunha
actor: seoham
other: hyosung nako 
xiaoting: yoo
taeyang, seonghwa
complete enhypen, skz esp leeknow, rei, wonyoung,
yves: complete
tbz and twice's nayeon
stayc, wonwoo,
jungkook, johnny,
jaehyun: fromis9,
esp nakyung
joy: got7 esp
jinyoung, mark tuan,
jb and yugyeom
yeonjun: complete txt
the casa madrigal, 
or better known as 
casita, is a magical
house created by a
magic candle
owned by alma
madrigal. through 
the candle, each 
family member is 
presented with a 
magical gift on their
fifth birthday. the 
gifts that the candle
bears upon the
madrigal family 
keep their bond
strong and
♂ 24 ♀ 20
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