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My Plan BACKFIRED. He feels so far away from me. Maybe it's too late, I know...


All I wanted is for him to be beside me everyday.


But he seems okay with it. And it hurts...


Can I still get things back the way it used to be? Can I smile again and be happy... for real?


Or am I just so used to this cold "reality"? This image that was set upon me?


--Jeong Jaehyun



I'm an old writer here whose daily life practically zapped all my creative juices.


But I guess not anymore?

Let me make this clear. I AM AN ELF. But my niece introduced me to NCT 127 and even without knowing anything, my eyes kind of noticed bits and pieces. ALL fanfiction material. And it MOSTLY involves Taeyong and Jaehyun. I mean, what's with these two? The last time I ever shipped an idol was SiChul and that was a decade ago. I even had some fanfiction posted here about them. The funny thing though, is that while I saw SiChul as some crazy, wild, material, I am pretty clear in my head that those two are purely acting for the fanservice. But with "JaeYong"? Like how my niece pointed out, it's not always what was seen openly in front of the camera that makes them so fanfic-worthy, it's those little things you almost could miss that leave things open for all our creative (mis)interpretation.

And so, for my first fanfiction back here at AFF, I will NOT post something so out-of-this-world. You, as in name you, will be the ones to piece together this story if I am leaning towards romance or just a misunderstood brotherhood bond.


In short, I'll try to keep this fiction so close to reality; maybe you'll find yourself thinking...


What if this was real?







For this story, I will set some rules:


1. Remember, this is still a work of fiction. So OUR IDEAS =/= THEIR TRUTH. 

2. I will intentionally mix the timelines from what you fans know, because again, this is a FICTION.

3. Comment, Subscribe, and I hope you like this work after a decade-long hiatus.


I guess I'm back to write something??

Not as intense, but I hope to show a more mature writing style.
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