Maybe in Another Life (Wenrene)

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Irene had been happy with her girlfriend, Jennie, her brother, Suho, his wife, Krystal and their daughter, Yeri. Her little family and relationship mean the world to her even if they don't have a perfect life. 

But everything came to an end, when her brother and his wife passed away in a fatal car crash, leaving Yeri and lots of unpaid debts under Irene's responsibility. She started to work more part-time jobs while studying and taking care of Yeri with the help of her best friends, Seulgi and Joy. It caused a strain in her relationship with Jennie and ended with Jennie breaking up with her, which made Irene raise her guards and bury her romantic life for the rest of her life. She decides that Yeri will be her life and she doesn't need others to live.

Enters Wendy, a bright student who studies at the same university as Irene and works part-time at the same place Irene is working. She finds herself fascinated with Irene's personality and beauty and wants to be with her. She wants to love Irene and take care of her for the rest of their lives.

Will Irene allow that to happen or will it only happen in another life?

Read more to find out. 


In future chapters, there will be references made to a kdrama. The chapter will be written from those inspirations. More characters will be added as the story progresses.

Background information about the characters:

Irene - a student, 25 years old, Suho's sister, loves her brother's child, Jennie's girlfriend, works a part-time job to help her brother

Wendy - a student, 23 years old, rich, loves Irene at first sight, patient, loving, smart, works part-time to get to know Irene

Seulgi - a student, 24 years old, Irene's best friend, helps Irene a lot, swears she can't stand Joy and always argue with her but smiles secretly when Joy drunk kisses her

Joy - a student, 22 years old, Irene's another best friend, helps Irene a,lot, loves teasing Seulgi, no filter, teaches Yeri to prank Irene a lot.

Yeri - Suho's child, 6 years old, mature for her age, sometimes knocks sense into her aunt's brain, mischievous, understanding child

Suho - Irene's brother, Yeri's father, loving husband, loving father, loving brother

Krystal - Suho's wife, Yeri's mother, loving mother, loving wife, Irene's mother-figure

Jennie - a student, 23 years old, Irene's girlfriend, easy-going


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