Clumsy Hearts


When Jongin's world gets its head, he doesn't expect to find himself making friends with a kid who couldn't be any more different from him. But the longer he stays with Taemin, the harder he finds it to get away, and before long Jongin is falling into an entirely new world of friendship, feelings, love and heartbreak. Who knew his clumsy heart could feel so much for a pretty little country boy?


Brief synopsis:

Jongin and his mother visit his grandparents one summer vacation, where Jongin meets a boy named Taemin. When he finds out he'll be staying in the country longer than anticipated, it gives him the chance to get closer to Taemin. Soon enough, they become inseparable - but then Jongin has to go back home. What will happen when life tears them apart, while fate entwines them together?



Title inspiration:

We were just 2 kids too young and dumb
Young, dumb and clumsy hearts
Hold them tight on that particularly sad day
You and I, you and I

Wishing you would hug me but I pushed you away
Saying the words “I love you” was
2 kids too young and dumb
We will have to live through the time, and be forgotten
You and I



Hello! This is my first time writing a story in a long time. Originally I was just sharing it with a friend of mine but now I've decided to post it. I was randomly inspired to write this story after seeing this clip, and it's taken me on a great journey so far.

Posting schedule is every 5-7 days, and I will take a break at the end of each part to get ahead on writing. So far most of the content has been G-rated, but I will flag chapters with mature content, giving warnings and notice as needed.

Get ready for a long ride, the slow journey of two kids and their clumsy hearts.



Word count so far:

Part 1 - 23.7K (chapters 2~3K each)

Part 2 - 59.5K (chapters 4~6K each)

Part 3, 4, 5 - coming soon...


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