Meeting The Researcher

Special Kind (Clean Version)
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Author’s note: The terms used in this chapter are inspired from this book: Dear Mr. Potter (it’s harryxdraco). You can read it if you want but warning, it is very dark. There’s abuse, , miscarriage, murder and everything bad you can imagine. Read at your own risk. I won’t suggest it for the faint hearted. Basically if you don’t want to read harry potter having with snape then don’t read it. The overall story is great but there are just some or most scene that might make you uncomfortable (I was 15/16 when I read this and even then I skipped through a lot of scene. I just read the fluffier part). I don’t intent to copy her story but I like the terms she used and I don’t think I can create a better words than what she had wrote. Both stories are different, mine is way fluffier than what she had but as always the original will always be better. I hope you guys don’t misunderstand. The plot in this book is still mine. I just plucked some interesting details from hers. I hope I worded that correctly but overall, I never intended to copy her work.

Anyway, please enjoy and again not proofread.



“You know you don’t have to come, right?” Jiyong asked as he turned to the shorter man beside him.

“No but I won’t let a free trip to Romania go.” Youngbae answered and walked ahead of him in an arrogant stand.

Jiyong and Seungri did go to visit Dr. Han the day after Seungri moved into the Kwon manor. The doctor had welcome them enthusiastically inside his office – excited to see two very rare species. Seeing Jiyong made him speechless in amazement. So, imagine how thrilled he was to see another Indigo. For the first 10 minutes of their meeting, he had this wide grin when he saw the two Indigos sat in front of him. It made Seungri shifted around on his seat comfortably. His father had to knocked on the doctor’s desk to get him back on the ground.

Finally, the doctor snapped out of his amusement and get on with checking the younger. As expected, the doctor repeated over what the doctor back in Seungri’s small town had told them. Dr. Han did mention about how there’s a problem with Seungri growth as he lack magnesium and iron in his body, which is important for an Indigo. Seungri’s parents looked dejected that they had neglected their son’s need for their selfish decision. They should have seen that their son is not just any normal boy. Thus, with no opinion left, they nodded understandingly as the doctor advised them on what they should do.

Unfortunately, even though Dr. Han specialises in special kind treatment, he doesn’t really know much about Indigo because they are super rare and usually it’s hard to find one to do a research on and most special doesn’t like being experimented on. They are still a being after all and no one like being watch at all time and recorded as well. So, the doctor only knows their name and the basic special kind needs.

Jiyong and Seungri were dejected that they couldn’t find out more about their kind. The older reached out and gave the younger’s hand a squeeze when he saw him looking discourage. Seungri lifted his head to look at the older and Jiyong gave him a smile. “We’ll find out about ourself then. Together.” Jiyong said.

At the back, Seungri’s parents looked at each other, not knowing how to feel about the bond between the two special kind. They still think that Seungri is still too young to be involve romantically with someone, especially with someone who he has a bond with. To them, this relationship seems forced. They know it’s their instinct but still, Seungri didn’t have time for himself to think and get to know Jiyong. However, they have seen the effect of separating them and they were left with no choice but to go along with nature’s call.

“I know I shouldn’t say this as a doctor but I do know someone who had done research on Indigo. He is a friend of mine or was, I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him in years. But, I know he once did a research on your kind. He completed it but his work never got publish. I am not sure what happened but he said that it wasn’t enough. I don’t know what he meant. I didn’t ask further. We are always drinking when we saw each other, I’m not sure if I heard the right thing even. But he definitely did a research on Indigo. He like to boost about his works, sometimes I just want to sew his mouth shut but he is also a very smart man- I am rambling, am I?” The doctor looked up to see two very confused looking back at him weirdly. Seungri gave him an awkward smile in return and Jiyong was still looking at him with his eyebrows raised. “Anyway, what I am trying to say is that if you want to know more about your kind, he is the man you might want to seek. His work might never got publish but he is a very bright man, he can get a little weird at time but I promise you, he is one heck of a researcher. Whatever he found, it’s not something he made up. He is legit.”

“Do you trust him?” Jiyong asked in all seriousness.

“Yes.” Dr. Han breathed out with no doubt.

“Great, we should go see him then.” Jiyong brightened up with the anticipation of meeting this mystery researcher and finding out about his nature.

“Well, the thing is he is very far way.” Dr. Han uttered while looking doubtful at the older Indigo. “He lives in Romania.”

No land is too far for Jiyong and that’s how they find themselves on the plane to Romania on a bright afternoon. It was a week after their visit to Dr. Han. They wanted to meet the researcher, who goes by the name of Mark. That is not his real name but he is ‘hiding from the world’s eyes’ and he doesn’t have guest over to his house often. So, for safety reason, until he knows they aren’t people from a secret government agency or categorised as such, ‘Mark’ will be his code name. Dr. Han managed to arrange a meeting between them and they were eager to go but Jiyong had some business to attend to so they had to postpone their trip.

Seungri’s parents had to go back to Gwangju  because their shop has been closed for a long time and that’s not good for their small business. Also, his sister was left with a family member and it won’t be nice to leave the girl alone any longer. The boy suddenly felt sad now that his parents left him alone with Jiyong. He has been living with them and see them every day since he could see. So, it was normal for him to tear up as he was waving his parents goodbye. He needs to be a bug boy now. He did feel down for a few days but he also knew that this was going to happen when he went to college one day. So, he forced himself to cheer up and remind himself that he needs to be independent.

He and Jiyong still couldn’t be separated. 9 hours max or they will both started to feel unwell and hot. Jiyong was away for almost half a day to give a motivation speech at some university – which is ironic since Jiyong is probably the last person you would think of when it comes to motivational story. But, he was invited nonetheless. Who was Seungri to question it. Jiyong, left the morning while the sun was still bright and the mood didn’t even get to make an appearance yet before they both become pale and hazy.

So, since then, they do everything together. Jiyong took Seungri out around Seoul. The boy enjoyed it. Although, he still needs some time to adjust to Jiyong’s lifestyle. He can never imagine buying a pair of shoes that cost his family shop’s monthly sale. But for Jiyong, it was normal as he instructed the younger to try one after another and got all 5 for him. Seungri had refused and was disinterested after he saw the price, saying he still have clothes but his words faded into thin air before the royal descent’s ears.

Well, in actuality, Seungri loved being pampered with money but not so much. Whatever Jiyong spent on him was too much even for his materialistic mind. But, who was to question Jiyong’s generosity, right? Plus, the clothes and shoes Jiyong brought were very comfortable and soft. He loves them.

In a matter of a week, Jiyong finished up his business quickly before they pack their stuff and left for Romania. Do they know anything about Romania? Except from the story of vampire, probably nothing. Fortunately, Youngbae was there to be their walking encyclopaedia. Jiyong didn’t plan to stay there long. His mind is only set on finding out about himself and Seungri. Usually, Youngbae would force the world knowledge down his throat when they visit a certain country but this time he rather just cuddles and laze around with Seungri – sniffing his soft scent or playing with his tiny and chubby fingers as he listens to the younger going on about his stories.

“I tried to climb over the fence but ended up getting the back of my shirt stuck on the pointy edge of the fence. So, I was-” Seungri laughed even before he could finish the story of when he tried to climb over to the house next door just to pet their puppy. “-I ended up dangling over the fence. I couldn’t scream for help because I was scared of getting mad at. So, I just hang there the whole morning until the neighbour came back from their morning jog. I got an earful when my parents saw me.”

“Poor, baby.” Jiyong caressed the boy’s cheek. “You must’ve been hurt.”

“I am still surprise that my shirt didn’t rip at the time or I would just fall face first to the ground.” Seungri laughed and Jiyong stared in adoration as he watched Seungri lips curved up as he beamed, showing his pretty smile and hearing the sound of Seungri’s laugh, it made Jiyong’s heart pound hard.

“You are so cute.” Jiyong grinned happy as he buried the younger under his chin.

He was sniffling Seungri’s air that smelled a little like coconut and watermelon, it was a weird combination but Seungri’s hair smells nice. Suddenly, he yelped in surprised when he felt a nip on his neck causing his to pull away and looked over at the younger wide surprised wide eyes. Meanwhile, Seungri was looking up at him with mischief in his eyes.



“I can’t believe you had in the ing plane.” Youngbae grumbled at the two special kinds as they walk through the terminal gate. “I was just 5 steps away.” He raised his voice.

Instead of feeling sorry for the human, Jiyong grinned proudly at his back and pulled Seungri closer by his shoulder. Youngbae shouldn’t have expected them to behave. It was almost a ten hours long plane ride. What was two very passionate lover supposed to do in those 10 hours? Make love, of course. It shouldn’t have come to a surprise when he saw the two walked out with crumpled clothes and dishevelled appearance.

“I don’t know why are you complaining. We literally gave you free live to listen to.” Jiyong teased.

“Jiyong.” Seungri slapped him on his chest, uttering the words in disappointment.

“Uh, I am not listening to your words, you erted animal.” Youngbae put both of his palms up to cover his ears and walked ahead in faster steps. He really wanted to get away from the two lovebirds or rabbits, whatever.

“Why did you hit me?” Jiyong rubbed his chest with an offending look. Seungri didn’t actually hit him bad. He is just dramatic.

“Don’t talk about our life so freely like that.” Seungri scolded.


“I don’t like it.” Seungri cut him off.

“Well, you can’t tell me what to do.” Jiyong scowled at him in a threatening manner.

“Well uh-” Seungri suddenly stopped mid-sentence as something hit his nose. “Okay.” He became submissive. “I’m sorry.” He bowed and rubbed his head on Jiyong’s chest in an apologising gesture.

“It’s okay.” Jiyong ran his fingers through Seungri’s hair as he accepts the sorry. “Don’t tell me what to do or order me. I don’t like it.”

“I’m sorry.” Seungri uttered again obediently.

“It’s alright, pet.” Jiyong kissed his forehead in a sweet gesture. “But you are right. We should keep the intimate part of our relationship just to ourself.” Seungri hummed as he still laid his head on Jiyong’s chest. “Come. We need to catch up with Youngbae.”

Seungri didn’t realise they had stopped in the middle of the airport floor the whole time. Some people stared at them as they walked passed. So, Seungri blushed in embarrassment and scooted himself closer to Jiyong’s body.



“I don’t think he will be joining us. He has a guest over.” Jiyong uttered as he walked towards Seungri who was waiting for him by the kitchen isle. “Let’s go.”

Last night, they checked into a small apartment with 2 bedrooms and the two special kinds immediately went to bed as their body was shutting down by the minutes – too tired from their activities on the plane. So, they dozed off after a quick clean. They didn’t even bother to acknowledge the human throughout the night. So, they didn’t know what he was up to. Came morning, they were supposed to go meet this ‘Mark’ guy. When Jiyong went to his room to wake him up, there were an unknown chick sleeping with Youngbae in his bed. Not one to judge, Jiyong quietly left the room.

With that, he took Seungri’s little hand in his and together they walked down to a nearby café to have breakfast before they began their journey. It was hard to communicate with the local and reading the menu but thankfully a simple ‘coffee’, ‘tea’ and fingers pointing did the job.

After they had they breakfast, they walked back to the hotel and their driver for the trip was already waiting for them by the entrance. It took a couple of wrong turns and being lost but in the end they arrived at the address the researcher had given them. It was deep inside a forest with nothing but rows of trees until where the eyes can see. Jiyong was sceptical and suspicious as he looks around. It wasn’t the creepy dark forest type of place. The surrounding was rather serene with bright green trees but it is still normal for him to feel danger all around him at this kind of situation.

“It says to go through the cave, sir.” The driver said. “It says here at the back.” The driver pointed at the words to Jiyong.

“What cave?” Jiyong questioned as he looked around the area looking for the said cave.

“Is it that one?” Seungri questioned and pointed at a large rock mile away from where they stood.

“I think it is, pet.” Jiyong patted the younger’s head in a complimenting manner causing him to beam at him brightly.

“I can’t drive any further, sir and I am sorry that I can’t accompany you further than this.”

“It’s okay. Come one, Ri.” Jiyong smiled gratefully at the driver before taking Seungri’s hand in his own and walked toward the big stone.

There is a part of him that is telling him to turn back around and get away from there. However, there is a bigger part in him that told him that he is doing the right thing. So, he marched forward with little fright in his stance. Seungri was a little scared but that is mostly just because of the thought of being somewhere unfamiliar and quiet. He wrapped his arms around Jiyong’s waist for comfort as they walked deeper inside the dark cave. Sensing the little shakes in Seungri, Jiyong put his hands behind the younger’s back protectively and pulled him closer. Seungri smiled at that. Loving the feeling of security Jiyong gave him.

The cave was dark but there was torch with fire lighting the up, so they can see their surrounding very clearly. After around 10 minutes of walking in the cave, they came to an opening where a green and clean grassy field welcomed them. In the middle, stood a small hut like house.

Following his guts feeling, Jiyong walked up towards the house seeing that that is the only possible place the researcher could be

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