Meeting The Parents

Special Kind (Clean Version)
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Fortunately, Jiyong is rich. So, they didn’t need to rush and book a flight home immediately. The older is so rich, he has a jet. His own jet. Seungri had his eyes wide open and they almost popped out of its socket when his ‘kind-mate’ told him this information. He has never met anyone so rich they own their own plane. In his initial plan, the ‘friend’ that he was supposed to meet was the one who was supposed to buy his plane ticket for him since he thinks they should both share the fare of this trip especially since it was the ‘friend’ that insisted that they meet.

In case you are wondering what happened to the friend, Seungri wouldn’t know. He tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. Seungri understands. He was probably angry that Seungri had stood him up. He was probably accusing Seungri to be a catfish or a scammer at this point. He really wanted to apologise but he really needs to get home as soon as possible. It has been 3 days and he probably had frightened his family, friends and community with his disappearance – not answering calls and all.

 Honestly speaking, he couldn’t really be blame. He wasn’t in his right mind the last 3 days and it just happen so suddenly he could barely react. He is having headache from all the confusion he currently felt.

However confused he was, he still went ahead, pack his stuff and follow Jiyong to his car. There, he met Jiyong’s friend.

“Youngbae, Seungri. Seungri, Youngbae.” Jiyong introduced them briefly.

Seungri can tell that the Youngbae dude was unhappy but not at him. He was mostly scowling at Jiyong who was acting rather casually to everything. Ever since they woke up this morning, the older hasn’t been able to keep his hands to himself. Even if it was only a touch of the finger tips, he just had to touch Seungri. The younger doesn’t mind it though. Instead, the touches were rather comforting and if he was not shy, Seungri put place his hand on Jiyong as well.

“What’s up with you, Bae? He seems moody.” Jiyong finally addressed the other person in the car with them. Seungri looked over the man in front of them who was adorning a frown on his face. He was starting to feel that his presence was unwelcomed and so he shifted uncomfortably away from Jiyong who had on the car ride swung his arms over his shoulder.

“I don’t know Jiyong. Probably because I hadn’t heard from you for 3 days and the moment you showed up, you had a boy at your side. I was worry sick while you were love sick boy with him. So tell me Jiyong, is my anger justify?” Youngbae burst out which made Seungri look down, feeling bad because through his words, although he didn’t say it, the man was indirectly accusing him.

Meanwhile, Jiyong did nothing or have any effort to apologise to his friend. That action itself made didn’t make Youngbae angrier and that’s because he is used to Jiyong behaving this way – not caring about other people but himself. That’s what happen when you are raised with a gold spoon, you become this entitled piece of , Youngbae pitied this young boy that currently is looking at Jiyong with adoration in his eyes.

And they have only met for 3 days?

The boy seems too smart for stupid Jiyong. Youngbae can only wish that this isn’t something related to  them being a special kind – their animalistic instinct or some like that because he doesn’t think little boy can handle being tied to Mister royalty. Even Youngbae sometimes can’t stand him. That’s saying a lot since they were together since born with Youngbae’s father being Jiyong’s father’s right-hand. He is not saying the other man is bad and what not. It’s just that Seungri seems like a genuine kind sweet boy while Jiyong is cocky and sometimes can be overbearingly proud in a bad way. He also has a positive side – he isn’t all that bad. He is also respectful, smart and just overall good nature.

Seungri can only gasp when the car pulled up beside a big plane. It hasn’t sink in his mind how rich Jiyong actually is. When he saw the air stewardess and pilot bowed in a perfect 90 degree at them, that’s when it dawned on him. He could never imagine himself getting this kind of treatment. It was 4 days ago that he sat and cramped inside the economy part of the plane with baby wailing and a snoring man. But now he is, sitting on a leather seat being politely served juice by the stewardess.

Jiyong and Youngbae had opted for some wine instead.

This is too much. He was just a boy from a middle-class family from a small town.

The whole plane ride was quick in Seungri’s opinion. They arrived in less than an hour. Youngbae had sat on the other side, leaving the two alone. Seungri was feeling a little shy being alone with Jiyong. Now that he is sober and more awake, he realised that he had lost his ity to a strangers he barely met. Scratch that, all they did was looked at each other and magically Seungri wasn’t himself anymore.

Did that count though? In a sense, Seungri wasn’t himself and mostly he was ‘drunk’ in those three. But, if he was to think deeper, he enjoyed it. He wanted more even. Well, if he wasn’t so sore and tired. He woke up this morning feeling better – the best if he could say so himself. It’s like a curse being lifted off his body and he was feeling . . . lighter.

In the plane, Jiyong sat beside him the whole ride. As expected, Jiyong held him hand the entire time. He played with the fingers while they spoke. Oh, the conversation was lovely. It was small talks at first but Jiyong is super smooth with his lips and Seungri being the chatty brat that he is, they talked nonstop. They were still joking even after the plane landed. Well, his curious self was the reason why he landed himself in this position the first place.

They might also make out once or twice or was it thrice in the ride but Seungri wouldn’t tell. Don’t kiss and tell, remember?

It felt natural for the. The connection. The bond. The intimacy. It’s like they are meant to meet and destined be together. It’s scary how easy they felt into the comfort of each other. Jiyong wants to protect while Seungri wants to be protected. They fit together like puzzle pieces.

They are created for each other.

“You can go ahead. I will accompany Seungri back to his hometown.” Jiyong told Youngbae after they got off the plane while Seungri stood they beside him with a big smile. He was happy for some reason. With Jiyong’s  hand gripping his, he was feeling light and content in the heart for the first time in his life.

“You are insane if you think I will let you go and meet other people by yourself.” Youngbae scolded before letting out a huffed. “God knows what your stupid mouth will say to them.” He continued to grumbled under his breath as he walks away to what Seungri presumed as the direction of the car.

“Is he always angry?” Seungri asked Jiyong with a soft frown.

“No, pet.” Jiyong replied him with a gentle smile.

“He’s scary.” The younger pouted while looking at Youngbae’s back.

“Don’t worry, pet. He is harmless. He won’t even hurt a fly. Plus, I’m here.” Jiyong pulled him closer by the shoulder which made Seungri smiled warmly as his cheek laid on Jiyong’s shoulder.

Everything about Jiyong is perfect to Seungri. From the way his smells to how warm his hugs are.

They talked for the first hour of the car ride but after that, fatigue finally caught up to them and when the words that came out of Seungri’s lips were becoming just randomly slurred out, he knew the younger needed to rest. So, with both arms around he younger’s waist, small pecks on the crown of his head and the light soothing rub on his back, Seungri was fast asleep.

It’s true when people say that a person looks the prettiest when they are sleeping because staring at Seungri right then, Jiyong knew no one prettier than the boy. The urge to take the boy and hide him somewhere where no one can find them was overtaking him. He had to shake his head because the dark thought was taking him into a headspace. Like it wasn’t just a thought.

It was late afternoon when they arrive at Seungri’s home. A few people had gathered in front the house and a couple police cars were parked at the front. Obviously, Seungri’s disappearance had caused quite a fused.

Seungri was visibly scared to move out of the car. People was staring at the vehicle when they drove past. It’s not every day that the small town people saw a Roll Royce pulling up on their road.

Instinctively, Seungri wrapped his arms tighter around Jiyong when the car stopped in front of his house, just behind a police car. He is not usually this clingy, he prides himself with being independent at his young age. However, when around Jiyong, he just turned childlike and wish to be babied by the older.

“What’s the matter, pet?” Jiyong asked worriedly. He knew the younger is in fear for the scolding he is about to receive. He had done something wrong, even in Jiyong’s eyes, it is almost unforgivable. Jiyong himself was worried and was furious when the younger told him the truth. He gave him a piece of his mind in the plane. But then, when Seungri whimpered and rubbed his head on Jiyong’s chest, the older couldn’t bring himself to be mad at the boy anymore. With fingers running in his hair as a sign that he is forgiven, Seungri raised his face from his chest.

That is not how normal human say sorry but for them it was something that came naturally. It was new to them. They had been acting and behaving like human for so long, they forgot that they actually are special kinds. It was about time they let their animal instinct take control. They found each other, there is no way can things go back to the way they are.

“Let’s not worry for things that has yet to happen, okay? I’ll be here with you all the way okay?” Jiyong held Seungri’s face in between his palms and run his thumbs on the pale cheeks of the younger. Seungri pouted in defeat before nodding. With one last quick kiss, Jiyong opened give the driver a pass to open the door.

Jiyong’s optimistic attitude should be applauded but not encourage. The moment they were seen by Seungri’s family and their arrival was noticed, his family came running and it was an emotional scene watching Seungri’s mother took him in her arms and teared up in happiness knowing that her son is safe.

Police took Seungri’s statement and was seen disappointed that the boy wasted everyone’s time and energy with his selfish act. Jiyong scowled at the officers and if it wasn’t for Youngbae, he would have walked up and let them know his opinion that involve a lot of vulgar words. How dare they treat his boy with such disrespect?

After the officer left the Lee’s house, the sad atmosphere was replaced with an angry one. Seungri sat there with his bowed down as his parents went off at him. The two elder couple had kindly but also hesitantly invited Jiyong and Youngbae into their humble house. Youngbae can only shake his head as he watches his friend looked around the home with curious eyes. He had never seen such small place with him growing up in a manor his whole life.

“So, you ran away to another country to see a man? Are you that desperate for love and attention, Seungri?” Mr. Lee didn’t hold back his anger and he didn’t even wat for his son to reply before hitting him with another one.

Jiyong had to pinch his arms the whole time. There was this tickle and irk in his skin when he hears the older man was yelling at his boy. The urge to yelled back to protect Seungri was scratching his skin. He can’t stand his pet being sad and crest fallen like that. However, he is smart enough not to interrupt. The father was just concern at his son. Seungri was missing for almost 4 days. Any caring parents would be worried.

“I’m sorry you have to see this.” Mr. Lee said to the strangers his son brought to his house just now. Jiyong and Youngbae smiled as a sign that they don’t mind – Jiyong mind but he won’t say it out loud. “Who are you?”

Jiyong looked up and saw that the man was asking him. Which is understandable. One would be confused too if they saw their son curled up on a stranger’s lap. Sometime in the older man’s lecture, Seungri had crawled up on Jiyong’s lap and wrapped all his limbs around Jiyong. Instinctively, Jiyong hugged him tighter and patted the back of his head in a comforting gesture. He can hear Seungri sniffling little cries as he buried himself in the crook of Jiyong’s neck and rubbed his nose on the strip behind the elder’s ear where his scent is the most prominent.

“I’m Dong Youngbae and this is my friend, Kwon Jiyong.” Jiyong was glad that his friend took the initiative to be polite for the both of them since he has his arms full at the moment.

“Why is my son . . . ?” Seungri’s father couldn’t even finish his question as he is wei

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