Meeting Each Other

Special Kind (Clean Version)
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The story could get confusing for now but in later chapters it will get clearer. Please enjoy. As always, not proofread.


Let's go travel to a world far away on earth to the land of fantasy. Here, people are not ordinary. They live together peacefully without caring about what is sitting next to them. It could be a normal human, a werewolves, a vampire, fairy, griffin or any creature from the myth.

Years and far years ago, all different species lived together despite their differences. Human was human, Pegasus was Pegasus, wolves were wolves, vampire was vampire. Every creature lived in peace. Thousands of species human nowadays had never heard off, they existed.

Until one day, the strongest of it all, the Human, decided that they want to join power. So, they breed with very possible creature there was. And that was the start of mix breeding.

Scientist called it the Mix Breeding Apocalypse.

That was how the world we have now was created. Most creature are a mix of another species. Most human are just half human. But because of how strong human's gene was, most mix breed's 'animalistic' gene had been gone through their generation and most special creature had gone extinct after the mix breeding for their gene were lost. So, most mix breed are just human nowadays because they no longer have their animal ancestor’s gene.

The most prominent change ones we can see nowadays are the werewolves and mermaid. But still, those creatures are more like human than their animal ancestors. They are a huge number for that kind and there is still a lot more unknown species after the mix breeding apocalypse since only some succeeded.


Lee Seung Hyun or Seungri, his friend calls him, always knew he wasn't completely human. He has a blue strips on the top of his head and some on his body that look like a claw marks. Although both his parents are very much human, the doctor was surprised when he saw how the inside of Seungri's body was built. But his parents didn't want to discuss it, denying every information the doctor tried to tell them.

And because Seungri was still a minor, the doctor refused to share anything with him without his parents’ permission. So, everything he knew – not that he knew a lot – about himself is from the internet. Even those aren't sufficient.

But lady luck has shone light on him last month. He was looking for anyone that could possibly have or known anyone that have the same feature as he is. It took a few months but at last he got one person messaging him about it saying how he also have the same blue strips on his head.

They talked for a few months and that is how he found himself in a flight to Tokyo to meet this friend he found online. The boy he was talking to sounded really convincing with the way he was explaining what they are and Seungri related to the boy so much he thought he found his soulmate.

When he landed in the city of light, he thought that his online friend would come to pick him up but all he got was a message saying that he is busy. So, Seungri called a taxi and went to the hotel he booked.

Look, he has never planned a solo trip before in his 18 years of existence – let alone a solo trip without his parents knowledge. So, he just type ‘Tokyo best hotel’ on the search bar and book the first hotel that pops up. How much money did he spend you might ask? Well, let’s just say he is left with enough money from his saving to book the plane ticket.

When he gets to the hotel, his eyes widen at the big building and finally it dawned on him that he had overspent on a temporary bed.

But, whatever. He paid for it. He might as well enjoy it.

After, checking in – thankfully they allowed him in even though he is still a minor. Well, he had just recently turned 18. So, technically, he is no longer a minor.

He instantly hit the sack the moment he touches the bed. The jetlag was finally kicking in. He didn’t even get the chance to take his shoes off before snoring on the bed.

The next morning, he was woken up by his phone ringing. With eyes still close, he groaned and his hands wandered around the bed in an attempt to find the device. The phone had stop ringing as he was still rustling his hands around.

Eventually, he found it under the pillows and with heavy eyes and sleepy mind, he read over the text his online friend just sent him.

‘Let’s meet after I’m done with work.’ It says.

‘What time will you be done?’ Seungri wrote back.

Seungri looked over the time and quickly shoot up from his lying position. It’s 10 in the morning and he only have half an hour before the breakfast buffet is closed. The buffet is one of the way he expected to save some money, which is ironic since he spent almost half a thousand bucks for a hotel room. Well, rookie’s mistake.

He washed his face and brushed his teeth and hair, trying to look at least decent. Then, he changed his hoodie from his stinky hoodie. He would miss the breakfast if he took a shower. So he just sprayed himself with some cologne before grabbing his key card and left.

He tapped his foot impatiently as the elevator went down very slowly and stop to let a man entered while he was midway to go down. He was amused at the shirt the man was wearing which is quite different from his cheap hoodie.

Suddenly, his nose was filled with a scent that felt so familiar and delicious. It was a smell he didn’t know he had been craving for all his life. His body wanted this smell and is growing more and more hotter as he smells more of this delicious scent.

Looking to his right, he was greeted by a pair of silver eyes and as if being guided by an unknown force, he threw himself at the other man. His nose immediately went to the blue strips on the man’s neck and rubbed on it.

It was like a reawakening. He was loving it. The smell, the feeling, the desire and whatever it is that is happening to his body. He is craving more for whoever he was hanging on.

The man who he is clinging to was also holding him close, his nose running up and down the blue strips he has at the back of his ears. Meanwhile, Seungri had his nose rubbing on the silver strips on the man's neck. They both could tell that they are loving the things that is happening to them.

Seungri can already feel himself leaking from his bottom. "Want you." He whispered and rubbing himself on the stranger's thigh.

Seungri didn't get to process what's happening as his head was clouded with desire for the man. He felt himself being lifted off the ground and immediately he wrapped his legs around the man's waist.

Soon enough, another pair of lips were on his and he moaned as the soft lips moved along with his. Feeling the tips of a tongue running across his lips, he opened it up, letting it slide in to discover his cavern. He moaned louder and grew hotter as the tongue clashes with his, making his body feel like it’s on fire. When the lips detached from his, he continued to trail kisses down to the man's neck and on the tender skin.

He was too deep in lust to notice where the man had brought him to or the sound of the door closing behind him.

He was then thrown to a bed but soon a body hover on top of him, making him feel protected. They continued on having a tongue battle while rubbing together theirs crotch.

It was magical what happened after. For the first time in his life, Seungri felt right where he is supposed to belong.

Eventually, Seungri fell asleep as he felt the hot fluid that shoot inside him and two arms wrapped around him from the back.



Jiyong had always known he was different. The dull strips on his body that looked like he got clawed by a tiger — he never saw it on any of his friend's body nor on his family's. He used to think that it was a skin problem but the skin never felt any different from his other healthy skin.

When he asked his mother about it, she was so concerned that she brought him to see some doctor but most doctor told them that there's nothing wrong with the boy. That was until one doctor in particular that explained what those strips means.

He was a product from the mix breeding apocalypse that happened once. It was hard to believe the doctor's word but after further explanation, he and his mother nodded to everything since it sounded like it made sense.

But there was only so much the human doctor knew about him and his kind or species.

Even with assurance by the doctor, he's still insecure with the existence those strips. They weren't so big but Jiyong would prefer to have his skin smooth and unblemished. Also, he is getting tired of the question his sleeping partner kept asking every time he took his clothes off. That's why he rather just gets their freak on in the dark.

Back to the story, Jiyong didn't know why he volunteered to accompany Youngbae on his business trip. He always visits Japan, it's almost his second home now. He was bored back on Seoul but he is also bored in Tokyo since he visited the place almost every month for fun.

This morning, he woke up contemplating on what he would do while he waits for Youngbae to get done with his meeting. They were supposed to have a brother bonding time but so far, they trip had only been Youngbae going from one meeting to another, leaving Jiyong alone to

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