Dan Ketika Bertemu... (And When They meet...)

Saya Sunyi Kamu Kelabu (I am Silence You are Grey)
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Dan ketika bertemu,

Sunyi merayap di balik kelabu dan kelabu menyambut sunyi,

saling bertautan rindu.


Just like that, Seori disappeared without a trace. Byulyi doesn't even know her real name. How is she going to look for her? She doesn't know where to start.


Another problem presents itself after that. Even when she manages to find her, what is she going to say? The thought stretches long and hard until she falls asleep on her desk. It's supposed to be a short siesta because she's going to pull another long shift in the office.


A dry martini stirred in her own hand.


"I'm just envious of people who always get what they want."


A pair of lips move in the subtlest way.


"What do you want?"


"Silence. I wish to become one."


The bartender smiled, and Byulyi knew this was a dream. That woman never smiled that brightly at her.


"Your wish is granted."


Byulyi knocked the desk and woke up with a start, falling out of her chair with a noise that incites heads jutting out of cubicles. She rubbed her temple upon falling, her brain racking between a rock and a hard place. Where was she at that time? When was this?


"You're drunk that night." The same coworker that throws shades on her about Siberia plays with his pen. "The bartender there is making sure you're under her supervision until we find you after the karaoke sessions. She's a big help."


Byulyi can't believe it. "What's her name?"


He scattered the remains of pens out of the can on his desk, handing her a crumpled namecard. "I don't know, but maybe you can find her there."


The name ATISPAUS is engraved in gold letters.




It's already the break of dawn when Byulyi finally is freed from her duty, and as soon as she arrives at the bar, the door is almost closed. She comes closer to the waitress sweeping near the neon sign, asking about the bartender.


"Seori resigned."


Byulyi blinked twice. "What?"


"Not her fault, really." A glimpse of sympathy can be seen as the waitress waved a sigh, putting both hands on the broom. "This man, one of our customers, has been asking to meet her… Seori always refused of course, but just yesterday, his wife came here instead."


She pointed her look to the cracked glass that's covered with tape and posters. "Profanities and stuff, not a good sight. She kept calling Seori a ."


Screams and the middle-aged, beautiful trophy wife grabbed Seori by the wrist, and she bit

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