Rules of engagement

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They say, marriage is sacred that you can't just play or joke around with.. But wouldn't it be so much funny? When marriage about that sacred thing, will grip on you forever?? Just because of a simple prank.. You'll end up marrying someone... In terms of 


​​​​​​Rules of engagement 








Hi.. I'm Irene Delval, 28 years old.. Today's my first day at work, well it still feels weird to me.. Mostly when my boss is my-

"Irene!" speak of the devil.. Well, meet my husband William Shon.. The guy I've been dealing with for the past months now.. 

"oh ms Irene.. Are you ready for your work?" he looked at me as he fidget with his keys "oh yes Mr Shon" I smiled, he smiled back at me before leaving the door. 

I guess we're not gonna go to work together... Maybe that's better than be the center of gossips in our work.


Oh and did I tell you all? That William Shon... Is my... "Fake husband" 

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