Chapter 2

The Thing about Jennie
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The thing about Jennie is that she actually loves receiving surprises and would act like the happiest girl in the world because of it.


"Surprise, Jendeuk!" Jisoo grinned happily.


"Shoong, what's this?" Jennie laughed looking at the melted ice cream cone her girlfriend gave her.


"I bought you ice cream! But then it melted on my way here." Jisoo pouted.


Jennie smiled at the adorable pout and gave her a small kiss leaving the the older girl smiling like a fool.


"Thank you, Chu." Jennie smiled happily and started eating her melted treat.


Jisoo just looked at her fondly, watching her mandu cheeks all puffy and cute.



"Chu?! What are you doing here?!" Jennie gasped while standing up to hug her favorite person who just entered her dressing room.


"Surprise! I wanted to bring you some snacks for your shoot. And to cheer for you of course!" Jisoo chuckled while giving Jennie a small kiss just below her ear.


Jennie couldn't help but close her eyes and hug her tighter, making the older girl smile.


"Seriously, what are you doing here?" Jennie asked after letting go of Jisoo reluctantly to bring them to the couch.


"I wanted to surprise you and just watch you today. I don't have any schedule today and I'm missing you terribly. So why not visit my girl and watch her look breathtakingly

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