Missed Melodies


The current song playing would be tattooed on you and your soulmate's wrists at the exact moment you meet, what would happen if Choi Yujin who has been looking for her soulmate all her life just so happened to be wearing her headphones when she crosses destinies with Shen Xiaoting? 


I got back to writing and this time, I decided to pump up the numbers for the Xiaojin tag. I have been a supporter ever since GP999 and currently, Kep1er has played a huge part in the maintenance of my mental health. So, do forgive if my writing is rusty and any grammatical issues spring up!  I need not to remind this but I deeply respect and have genuine love for the members and other mentioned personas in this work so do remember that this is a work of fiction that does not reflect on who the mentioned characters are in real life! If you have enjoyed this work, do leave a kudos and maybe a comment. It would be such an honor to hear some feedback from you. This work will also be cross-posted to AO3 and/or Wattpad. 

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