cards 'n' kisses


request from anon: “Could you write something about him ACTUALLY liking someone and flirting with them but because he does it all the time the other person thinks he's just joking around and Yuta being like: The hell? Like how we didn't believe him that he actually spoiled the comeback because he lies all the time. Any pairing, rating and additional plot/ changes would be fine but I think it'd work well with Taeyong?”

Or: Yuta gives Taeyong a Valentine's Day card, and Taeyong doesn't think his jokes are very funny.


warnings: none! very lighthearted :)


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Chapter 1: taeyong not believing in yuta for the first time lmao he's actually kinda gullible but i can totally see this happening given how yuta is so mischievous and persistent with his jokes!