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twitter-based • non-au • korean roleplay
welcome to
welcome to F4! where people from different walks of life come together. come join the family! tell us about your day, share your favourite jokes, play games with us until the sun rises (picking on nakyung is also mandatory). let's make a lot of memories together.
established : 020122
Staus : opened & accepting
poplation : 10 bigheads
update #1 : pre-reservations opening on 31 january 2022 at 12am kst.
update #2 : our gates officially open on 1 february 2022 at 12am kst.
rules & how to join
one : subscribing is a must! upvotes are appreciated but aren't mandatory.
three : be respectful to all other members. be friendly to everyone and greet all new members as they arrive. forming cliques and unecessary drama is forbidden. if any issues arise, please do not hesitate to contact base or approach any of the admins. we aim to create a safe and comfortable place for everyone. also be respectful of everyone's pronouns. the drowssap is your favourite movie. 
four : we accept faceclaims affiliated with the korean entertainment industry. please follow the following format when applying: name + group + timezone + pw. you may reserve for one (1) friend only. no double-accounting!
five : timeline is unrated, but there is to be no explicit content on the timeline. think before you talk, and keep in the dms! please also refrain from mentioning triggering topics. limit ooc content unless absolutely necessary. in any circumstance, please utilise brackets to indicate ooc content.
six :  this is a temporary rp, so there are to be no hiatuses/semi-hiatuses. 48 hours of inactivity is an automatic kick out! please reach 40 tweets within 24 hours of making your account to stay with us.
seven : please clean your account before mentioning base for verification! username format should be bof(name) or (name)bof all in lowercase. add "f4" somewhere in your bio so we can recognise you as part of our family. hope to see you soon!
meet the admins!
nakyung, f4's angel.
"junpyo and jandi don't even look good together."
the leader and founding member of the trio called f4. a *sweet and kind girl.
*Terms and conditions apply.
xiaoting, f4's mean girl.
"why do you have bangs? to cover up your bald spot?"
the youngest of the trio with a smile as warm as the coffee she'd spill over your head.
juyeon, f4's golden boy.
"that hole on your face doesn't mean it's a mouth."
the third member of f4, a trustworthy friend you can always rely on (until you turn your back).
reserved taken
aespa : karina. winter. ningning.
ateez : wooyoung. seonghwa.yunho. MINGI04. san.
blackpink : jennie. rose.
BTS: taehyung.
dreamcatcher : gahyeon.
enhyphen : sunghoonjake. sunoo. heeseung. jay.
exo : chanyeol
fromis_9 : jiwon. nakyung.
itzy : ryujin. yeji. lia.
ive : yujin.
kep1er : xiaoting.
loona : kimlipJINSOUL. chuu. heejinyves.
nct : taeyong. doyoung. jaehyun. winwin. jaemin. jeno. ten.
stayc : isa.
stray kids : felix. hyunjin. LeeKnow.
the boyz : juyeon. chanhee. sunwoosangyeon. Younghoon.
Treasure. asahi.
Twice. sana. mina. chaeyoung05.
txt : soobin. beomgyu. yeonjun
up10tion: wooseok.
Soloist: Minju. sejeong. soojung.
grant our wishes?
(*) = urgently wanted
juyeon : i wish for jandi to ghost junpyo.
Chanyeol : TWICE's MINA
chanhee : complete tbz! more loona pleek and fromis pleek.
name : name name name name name
our lovebirds
Name x Name
dating : 010101 / ENgaged : 010101 / married : 010101
name x name
dating : 010101
Name x Name
dating : 010101
Name x Name
dating : 010101
events : don't miss them!
event #1 : xiaoting's baby shower.
lorem ipsum up my .
event #2 : nakyung's marriage is over party.
guest starring james charles and addison rae's mom.
event #3 : juyeon's ninth weeding.
no it is not a typo. i need help with my garden.



Only the first few pre-reservations will be accepted at this time. We will reopen reservations again tomorrow at 12am Kst when we officially open. Hope to see you there!
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