Nouveau Chapitre

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Life has a love-hate relation with Baekhyun. It loved him so much that it helped him achieve his dreams. But hated him so hard that it took his happiness, love, life and sanity in return. Baekhyun is everywhere— newspapers which love him one day and hate him other day, on missing posters which is pointless because everyone knows who he is. Maybe not everyone. Life enjoys throwing riddles, hurdles, sometimes love, second chances and snatching them away. Baekhyun is a mere pawn in the game of life. Life is ready to make its next move. Turning to the next page, a new chapter is about to start. But the pain is carried along with him ready to make him bleed on his happiness.


Room available for rent

Perfect room with a bed and a lamp is available. Good ventilation, who wants to sit, sleep and breathe in the cold. Perfect amount of sunlight falls in keeping you and your heart warm. Shared bathroom. Need to complete your necessities before seven am or after eight am. Interested people meet me at six pm.

Dahyun Jung


“I need that room.” Baekhyun pushes past Dahyun entering the home she advertised about. His eyes sweep across the house, more like home. A couch with a small table filled with magazines, clothes thrown here and there, smoke coming from the vessel on top of the stove, the delicious smell invading his nose. People live like this? “Show me my room.” He holds the wall for support. 

Dahyun strides to him and holds his collar, dragging him out of her home. “If it’s the rockstar I’m not interested.” She shuts the door on his face. And opens it again, “ah, forgot saying.” She glares at him, “ you.” She slams the door shut.

Baekhyun drops his head to the ground, bewildered at what happened. Isn’t she his fan? “ you?” He chuckles under his breath. Looking up he stares at the door, his lip corner tilts up in a smirk. He knocks on the door. “Don’t throw my words at me.”


Tell me that you're still mine
Tell me that we'll be just fine
Even when I lose my mind
I need to say
Tell me that it's not my fault
Tell me that I'm all you want
Even when I break your heart

-afterglow, taylor swift


Nouveau Chapitre: New Chapter

Note: Need to read Byun Baekhyun: the film to fully understand this story as this is a sequel. Pic credits to the rightful owner. 

Me again… shocked to see this on the ad. whoever put this up on advertisement please msg me 🥹 I want to personally thank you🥺❤️
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