𝐒𝐄𝐋𝐅-𝐏𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐓 — a 17+ sfw 5-days pop up rp. CLOSED! thanks for the memories, selfpos.

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5-days pop up twtrp
0001. pre-res opened at 8 pm kst, january 23 (sunday)!
0002. officially opened on january 25 (tuesday)!
let’s love
우리 이제 사랑하자
내 사랑 내 사랑

scroll up.
oo1. subscribing is a must and upvotes are appreciated. we are a closed agency, so no talking to outsiders.
oo2. one account per nose. unless you have two noses, you're not allowed to make another one.
oo3. strictly no other primary language other than english. slight korean is fine, but don't go overboard.
oo4. we accept all kinds of love! move in or not. there's no dating ban, however, make sure that couples developed in the rp are truly in love or seulgi will personally kick y'alls asses -___-
oo5. please talk to everyone, don't let anyone feel left out imagine if you're in their position. doesn't really feel good, no? 
oo6. this is a 17+ sfw nonau rp. with that being said, only idols and rpers who are 17 y.o. and above are accepted. nasties must still be kept in the dms.
oo7. games are welcomed to add more fun but since it’s a popup and it’s a twtrp, we highly encourage you all to keep them on tl only. (games like mafia, gtmv, top 3, ten lives, tod)
oo8. use brackets for ooc. there should be a clear line between ooc and ic. idols shouldn't create unnecessary drama and since this is nonau, we should also live by their rules! in other words, no problematic sh*t in front of ernesto or yeonjun will lynch.
oo9. unlimited character change but only allowed once every 2 days. tcc lasts for 24 hours and is only allowed once a day.
o1o. please reach 69 tweets on your first 24 hours or sayonara! no strikes will be made.
o11. inactivity for 24h will lead to unverification. retweeting / liking / dming doesn't count as being active.
o12. inform base via dm if you're leaving, getting into a relationship or other concerns. mentions relating to this on tl will be ignored and oh, what's your favorite exo song?
how to join
oo1. please make sure that you've read the rules well.
oo2. kindly check the masterlist to see if your desired chara is available.
oo3. if your desired chara is available, go comment down or mention the base with the format below. reservations last for 24h and you can only reserve for 1 extra friend.
ic age / ooc age
oo4. only make your account after we acccepted your reservations. recycled accounts are welcomed but make sure you've deleted all tweets and cleaned followings/followers.
oo5. the un format is @eri(name) or @(name)eri. lowercase only, no underscores or numbers. also kindly put self-portrait somewhere in your profile.
oo6. mention base with a derp picture of you when your account is ready. and have fun! if not verified within 10 minutes, you can already start interacting with people!
taken reserved00

aespa: ningning 
blackpink: rose
enhypen: jake jay sunoo sunghoon
exo: d.o. chanyeol
fromis_9: gyuri saerom jiheon
got7: jackson jayb
kep1er: xiaoting
loona: chuu
nct: jaemin
ohmygirl: arin
onf: hyojin
red velvet: seulgi yeri
seventeen: s.coups mingyu
stayc: isa
the boyz: younghoon q new hyunjae eric jacob sunwoo juyeon29
twice: nayeon
txt: yeonjun soobin
wekimeki: doyeon

press shift+enter
hyojin: onf members
gyuri: complete fromis
new : complete tbz
yeji : itzy members
scoups : complete seventeen

scoups x nayeon
name x name
♂ 23 ♀ 23
We are open!
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