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an oc, slice-of-life rp.

✱ Reservations !

soloist rothy

LATEST UPDATE — march 26th, 2022 !


Who Are We !

‘A New Beginning’ is an oc, semi-literate, slice-of-life roleplay based on Mewe. Established in January of 2022 the rp is set in a fictional part of Seoul, centered around the lives of people setting out on a new journey. Whether it be a big move across the country, a career change or simply trying out a new dish, we’re all just looking for something new, something exciting ― to be able to put our worries behind us.

platform: mewe
theme: city!au, slice-of-life
established: january 16th, 2022
status: accepting applications

[✱] applications are processed on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays !


Guidelines !

We are a semi-literate, oc, slice-of-life roleplay set on mewe. We accept all styles of roleplaying but would prefer if you try to avoid one-liners, and use emojis for chat speak only.

You as the mun must be at least 19 years of age to join.

As we are an oc roleplay, your muse is not an idol. You need to create your own backstory, personality, occupation and name for your muse. While you can keep some traits of your faceclaim, you cannot make them exactly the same. Do not self-insert/ooc rp! Giving your muse some of your hobbies/interests is fine, but don’t make them a copy of yourself.

Godmodding, bubble rping, inactivity, breaking rules and such may be cause for a warning. We go by a three strike system, on your third warning you will be removed from the roleplay.

A hiatus can be requested a month after you’ve first joined, you must message the mod account with your leave date and return date. It may last up to two weeks where you do not need to fulfill the activity requirements, and a buffer period of one month applies from your return date before you can request another hiatus. If you need an extension, kindly message the mod.

It is important that you check all the pinned posts of the groups and notifications for any announcements so you do not miss important information.

Reservations are made through the askbox or im feature on our tumblr, or pm on aff. All reservations last 48 hours and require a unique four-digit code to ensure it is your application we accept once you apply.

Faceclaim and muse must be at least 19 years of age internationally to join. You may change the age of your muse within a 3 year gap of the faceclaim only (+/- 3).

We accept all ualities and moving couples. Please state on your application if you are a moving couple. Dating ban is 2 weeks. Marriage and pregnancy is allowed. Pictures of children are not allowed.

We accept people active in the asian entertainment industry, as well as international fcs. We do not accept those who are married, deceased, involved in serious scandals or have stated they do not wish to be roleplayed. Only faceclaims signed to an agency are accepted.

Do not racebend. While you can change your muse’s nationality, we do not accept racebending.

You need a personal aff or tumblr account that is at least 3 months old to apply.

You are allowed two muses in the rp, but you must wait a month from joining with your first before requesting a second one. If applying for a second muse you must message the mod account first. You cannot use two faceclaims from the same group (example: Blackpink’s Jennie and Rosé).

When creating your account you must set the name as your muse’s full name in English. Don’t use emojis, symbols or special font.

Add “A New Beginning” to the city section of your profile.

Once your arrival has been announced, you have 48 hours to post your first timeline post otherwise you will be removed. Do not add anyone before your arrival has been posted. To ensure you’ve read the rules, add your favorite fruit to your app.

We highly encourage you to create a bio with some information about your muse. It doesn’t have to be much and can be hosted on whatever platform you prefer, but we do require you to post at least the basics about your muse as a pinned post within the first 48 hours.

The timeline is reserved for sns-style posts only, meanwhile threads can be made either in private or the designated writing groups. Likewise, mature content such as pictures and videos must be kept in private.

As we want to create an active and welcoming community, you must make at least one feed post every 5 days. On the 6th day you will be sent a warning and if you do not respond within 48 hours, you will be removed. Additionally, you must comment on at least 2 feed posts outside of your social group per week to be considered active.

Be friendly and open to making new connections! Don’t skip people’s posts when leaving emojis and comment on posts of people you haven’t talked to yet to spark a new conversation! We highly encourage you to interact IC in dms and group chats.

Be respectful of each other and the admins. Don’t start unnecessary drama, and absolutely no ooc drama. If you can’t talk it out between each other, please reach out to an admin.

Triggering and sensitive topics should be kept in private as much as possible. Proper content warnings are a must if mentioning in your bio, although these topics should be kept to a minimum and not be central to your character.

If leaving the roleplay, message the mod account or the tumblr/aff base. Leaving without informing the mod or deleting your account before we can read your message will result in an automatic ban from applying again in the future.


Masterlist !

Anyone not listed below is free to be roleplayed. Reservations can be found on the left under our title, make sure to check there as well before applying!

blackpink. jennie (H)
itzy. yeji
nct. jaehyun, johnny
red velvet. seulgi
soloists. joji, youha
actors/actresses.  zendaya, anya taylor joy









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