Ride With Me

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This could finally be the most perfect job in the world to make money.

Min Dahee has only one goal in life - to save enough money and buy a house by the beach like she had promised with her grandmother. Getting hired by South Korea's richest family - the Kim family - could finally be the break she needed. Her job as their maid is purely simple as well: maintain the West Wing of the family's mansion.


The only background information she has received about the West Wing was that the son - Kim Mingyu - resided there and that he has a quick temper and an unusual hatred towards the maids, so to stay out of his way as much as possible. Possibly all the time.

Which is allthemore perfect for Dahee since her interest as an employee is to stay underneath the radar and get her job done. The last thing she wanted was any spotlight set on her.

Stay out of trouble, do your job, make the money.


How hard could following her main three rules possibly be? 


"Granma, I'm here!" Dahee threw her hands in the air as the strap of her backpack slipped off her left shoulder, her pouch bouncing in the same shared excitement as she jumped up and down. Her grandmother turned from the television and shot the brightest smile before slowly picking herself up. The old woman stretched and bent down to a position that created somewhat comfort to her aching back, slinging her right arm behind to gently pound it. Before she knew it, her granddaughter Dahee was already standing in front her with a smile from ear to ear, "I missed you so, so much!"

The younger latter gently wrapped her arms around the small and frail frame of her granma, the pang of heartache hitting her chest in reminder of those frames that used to lfit her up in the air when she was about five. She pulled back and forced a smile that was more in effort, a grin, as her eyes traced her grandmother's face before she lifted the plastic bag in her hand she had forgotten about. 


"I brought those pears you like, let's have you settled so I can cut them up," Dahee said, placing the plastic bag onto the floor and helped the old woman back onto her armchair. 

The armchair was the only thing left in possession of her grandmother when the two had to leave her home by a small country side road that was sold to the big companies for urbanization. It was now sitting in the middle of a small one room nursing home, parts of the fabric faded and damaged. Dahee gave a small bittersweet smile and walked over to the miniature kitchen to grab a cutting tray and small knife, coming back and plopping herself onto the carpeted floor to which her grandmother frowned in disapproval. "Those damned caretakers wear their filthy shoes in here all the time, get your off the floor, Hee-yah." 

The granddaughter kept her glued to the ground and reached for the pears with an impish grin. "Don't worry about it, I take showers everyday."

The pair sat in silence for a brief second, the only sound coming from the television of the soap opera and the fresh cut of the blade peeling the skins off the round pears. Dahee didn't think much of the silence, it was comfortable. Nothing had to be implied to create the sense of comfort nor validation. 


"When do you start at your new job, Hee-yah?" 

Ah. She knew.


There was some kind of intuition Dahee's granma always had. She needn't say anything and yet, the woman knew. She picked her like a lock. Dahee stopped cutting the fruit and placed it down alongside the knife, a small sigh escaping her lips. She reminded herself to keep smiling - granma loved it when she did - and took a deep breath. 


"I start tomorrow! My new employers are super nice, they offered me a place to stay, I get to eat there and sleep there - I don't have to worry about paying the rent for a while -"



The granddaughter looked up and quickly read her granma's facial expression. Dahee knew what she was going to say, but she didn't want to hear it. Not today because it was a good day! She did get the job and she finally found a place to stay where money was not going out for rent and utilities which gave her more the opportunity to save money and save enough so that she and her granma was going to live the dream life they always talked about when she was younger. 

'By the beach, where we'll see the sun set and the sun rise'...


Dahee bit her lower lip in frustration and without saying anything else, she went back to cutting up the pear and placing them onto a plate. 


"I want you to go back to school-"

"That's not what I want, granma."



Dahee handed her grandmother the plate of pears and stood up with the cutting tray and knife. She wanted to drop the subject. As she walked back to the kitchen, Dahee rinsed what was in the sink and walked back over to her granma with another trying smile, "Aish, I forgot! I was going to meet a friend today. Sorry I can't stay longer than I wanted, I'll be back soon. I promise." She quickly walked over to the door and slung the backpack onto her shoulders and shoved her feet into her converse with a hasty I love you before she left. 

She stepped outside the room and closed the door behind her, trying to fight the tears that already had welled up in her eyes. Quickly wiping them away with her forearm, she crouched down and shoved her face into her knees for a few minutes. 


"H-hey. Hey you."




No response.


"You there-" 

Dahee felt a poke on the top of her head as she looked up to glare at the stranger who stood with a hood pulled over him.

The male had curly black hair that hooded over his forehead, almost poking the sharp, doublelid, fox-like eyes, the tips grazing his tall nosebridge. He looked like what they called the celebrity-type face.

He stood in silence, much less like the few seconds ago when he was trying in his entire being to get her attention. Blink. Silence. 

"What?" She snapped, the guy scoffing at her attitude as he placed both his hands on his hips. Dahee remained crouched and glaring, waiting for the stranger to say something but he simply cleared his voice and stood silent again, the girl picking herself up while turning around fast to wipe the tears away from her face. She faced the stranger once more and asked another snappy, What? the male's eyes widening with his mouth gaping as though he was in complete disbelief. 


"Wow, you really got quite the nasty temper for a tiny girl," He spoke, eyes sizing her up and down as she took a step forward towards him and pointed her fingers in the direction of her eyes. "If you're not blind, or possibly too dull to read the room-" His eyes widened even more, facial expression growing more and more offended by the words the came from , "-I was in my moment when you decided to poke me in my head." 

"Alright, let's say that I was taking you away from your...moment," he started, but Dahee was no longer invested in the conversation. She fixed the backpack strap on her shoulders and turned to walk away when she felt him tugging her back as she yelped and glared back at him in the same position she had been found, "Yah! I'm not done talking to you, where are your manners? How old are you? You look pretty young, is this how you treat your elders?" 


Dahee glared before a smirk formed on her face. She took a step forward and another until they were close in proximity, the stranger visibly growing nervous. Then in one swift motion, she stomped onto his left foot and watched him fall to the floor with a cry from pain and once again walked away, ignoring him call after her. "Weird ," she muttered under her breath, "manners? Elders? He looks pretty young himself. Weirdo."

If he had any business being in the same nursing home as her, she really hoped that would be the last time they ever crossed paths. 




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