Chapter 1

Sweet Potassium
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            Son Seungwan has fallen in love three times. Once when she was 10 years old, she liked a boy with bowl cut hair and monolid eyes. She carried the torch for two years before the boy fell sick. Seungwan was so worried that she folded 1000 paper cranes and gifted them to him to express her love. Naturally, she was rejected. If you are a 12-year-old, you don’t understand love all that much and if someone gifted you a heavy burden of 1000 paper cranes, you probably would feel uncomfortable too. It didn’t bother Seungwan all that much and she got over it quickly. As I said, 12-year-olds don’t understand love all that much.

            At age 17, Son Seungwan liked senior from her college in the dance department. He is especially charming when dancing and great at sports. However, there wasn’t any chemistry outside of his talents. He knew that Seungwan likes it when he dances so he dances, a lot. When they go on dates, he seems to have the personality of a cardboard and if I may, that is a compliment to the cardboard. The breakup should feel much sadder than funny if he wasn’t trying so desperately to dance in the middle of a crowded street to chase Seungwan back.


            At age 24, Seungwan dated an office clerk at her workplace. He was sweet, easy to talk to and clumsy. A little too clumsy. It was cute at first, but it quickly devolved into Seungwan having to protect him at every small juncture. The breakup was clumsy too. When it happened, the office clerk said thank you for the breakup and Seungwan said ‘you’re welcomed.’ They parted ways but realized they had to walk in the same direction for another 20 minutes.

            Seungwan now at age 29 realized something a little bit about love. Everyone she dated has a little something that she loves but they were always insular. Just falling for a person’s single trait or charm is not enough, the love that she wants should be constant. She continues to muse about her 10,000 word thesis on love but she suddenly hears a snore through the other side of the phone call.

‘Seulgi, SEULGI!’

‘Wha.. what?’

‘Did you really just fall asleep when I’m talking to you about the most important thing in life?’


‘No! Love!’

‘Seungwan, you have been talking for 2 hours. It’s already dawn. Please hang up.’

‘Don’t wanna. You hang up.’

‘No way, you hang up first. I don’t really know what’s the big deal anyway.

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