Confessions In A Bottle

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Karina is a romantic at heart and being so she's probably doing one of the most cliché thing ever, confessing to her long time crush though a message in a bottle. 

and it seems like destiny decided to intervene (or maybe play with her) because moments after throwing the bottle out it landed on the hands of Winter instead. The student body vice president who was out on the beach for a clean up drive and...


 Karina's long time crush.


Hello strangers, just dropping a short winrina fluff before continuing "Come Home To Me". Just wanted to put out something light because CHTM feels to heavy and the angst is kinda getting to me... if this makes sense? hahahaha 

So yah, here's a fluff instead or at least an attempt in writing a fluff.

PS. I read and ppreciate all your comments so please keep them coming. It helps me improve on my writing. 

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