Chapter 4 or Wheein really needs to relax

The Hardship of Desire


« Fumos. »


Byulyi raises her wand in front of her, and a smokescreen appears, the students at the front can’t see her, and neither can she. A few seconds later, the smoke disappears, and the students clap, impressed. Byulyi bows out of habit, and she gets off the dais.


« Thank you, Miss. Moon, a delicate yet precise movement of the wand. »


Byulyi watches as Mr. Humso demonstrates once again the exact movement of the wand, he also enunciates the formula to cast the spell. It is a basic spell, that the first-year students have to learn during their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Even if it seems simple, getting the hang of a spell always requires a few tries.


Mr. Humso, the teacher of DADA, has chosen Byulyi to help him during his lessons with the first-year students. Byulyi’s understanding of spell casting makes her the perfect choice; plus the Slytherin girl gets paid a few Galleons each week.


Byulyi walks between the students, she corrects the position of their wrists, even the way they stand. The Slytherin girl is a skillful wizard; during her third year, she won the dual tournament. Dueling is not frowned upon at Hogwarts, but depending on the director the rules greatly change; those days it doesn’t seem like another dueling tournament will take place.


« Be more firm when you hold your wand, feel how it connects to you. Take a breath. Cast the spell now. »


The first-year Hufflepuff listens, he executes himself and a smokescreen appears around him and Byulyi. It fades away quickly, his fellows are surprised by his ability. Byulyi knows each of them is capable of doing the same thing. By the end of the class, they are all capable to control the spell, their smoke screens are even thicker.


Byulyi congratulates them, they take the time to say goodbye to the girl. Mr. Humso watches from afar, he is proud of his student, Byulyi naturally understands magic but also works hard on her skills. It was he who trained her for the tournament during her third year; it was his first year as a teacher at Hogwarts, and the tournament was also his idea. Unfortunately, an accident occurred making the practice of dueling frowned upon by the direction of Hogwarts.


« Thank you for your help, Miss Moon. I believe I will see you tomorrow for your class. »


Byulyi nods, a polite smile on her lips, but the teacher calls her again.


« Oh yes, can you give this parchment to Miss. Carter? Thank you very much. »


Byulyi nods politely and exits the classroom, seeing the hour most students are in the Great Hall completing their homework. Byulyi takes the stairs down to the ground floor, it is a fast trip. Miss Carter, or simply Lily Carter is a Gryffindor fourth-year student of whom Byulyi isn’t a big fan. She finds the blonde girl at the Gryffindor table, she is sitting with her friends, discussing between themselves rather than doing their homework.


They get quiet when Byulyi comes close to them, they all look at her, but Byulyi pays no attention to that; being the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team has put Byulyi in a “superior position” compared to the other students. Everyone knows who she is, it is the same for each student who gets a position of “power” such as Prefect, Head Girl, Head Boy, Quidditch team’s captain, or even if you are a good Quidditch player or an excellent student.


« Mr. Humso told me to give you this. »


« Ah… Yeah, thank you. »


The Gryffindor girl smiles shyly at her, Byulyi walks away, she doesn’t even care about what is in the parchment. As she walks out of the Great Hall, a hand grabs her wrist; Byulyi is quick to turn around. Yongsun.


« We have to talk. »


Yongsun pulls Byulyi with her, toward the Chamber of Reception; it is a small building near the Great Hall in which the first-year students wait their turn for the Sorting Hat the first time they arrive at Hogwarts; it is however usually empty the rest of the year. Yongsun makes sure they are alone, she pulls Byulyi further into the building so no one can see them by accident.


« So, what’s up with you? »


« What? »


Yongsun is direct, she waits for Byulyi to answer her. The Gryffindor passes a hand in her hair, she sighs, the way she is looking at Byulyi is somehow warm yet worried. She suddenly puts a hand on the other girl’s shoulder and pats her there.


« I don’t know how to say that. But I saw you at the end of the Quidditch match, are you okay? I have never seen you like this after losing. »


Byulyi takes a sharp breath, Yongsun is a warm person, Byulyi knows that, yet she is surprised when she feels Yongsun pulling her for a hug. The girl rubs her back, she keeps Byulyi in her arms for a minute, the Slytherin only realizes how nice it feels when Yongsun lets go.


« I guess... I was disappointed in myself. »


« Byulyi, you fought well on the field. You lead your team well. From one captain to another, you did well this day. »


Byulyi is confused, she still welcomes Yongsun’s words with gratitude. The Gryffindor girl’s gaze is confident, firm, and warm. They stay there a moment, Yongsun diffuses the heavy feelings in the room with a light story. Byulyi believes it is the first time they interact for such a long time, she finds herself enjoying the company of the girl.


« Well, I am afraid I have to go. It was nice talking with you. Hehe. We should hang out sometimes, okay? »


Yongsun leaves, waving Byulyi goodbye on her way out of the Chamber of Reception. Byulyi stays here a bit longer, she has talked with the girl she fancies for something like thirty minutes. It was wonderful. Yongsun is wonderful.


Byulyi has indeed been feeling down ever since her encounter with Gryffindor, she has even given two weeks off to her team. Yongsun’s words comforted her, she realizes now. How nice it is to be heard and seen by such a kind soul.


Byulyi sighs happily.



« Sugared Butterfly Wings, the choice of a sweet tooth. »


Wheein puts down the green tin which contains the Sugared Butterfly Wings candies, Yongsun smiles brightly at her, she takes the tin in her hands and opens it. Wheein shakes her head as the other girl puts one of the candies in , she her lips, and her index finger because of the sugar on it.


« You will have to pay for that. »


« I know. Relax Wheeinie. »


Yongsun is in her usual good mood; she wears a short skirt with high socks which rise past her knees, Wheein notices. Isn’t she cold? They are attacking the last week of November and the wind can be brutal. Wheein herself is keeping it warm in a yellow woolen sweater; counter to Yongsun she believes she wouldn’t be able to wear anything else than jeans in this weather.


« Are you stressed because of this weekend? »


« I am not stressed. »


« You are full of knots, I can see it from here. »


Wheein grimaces and Yongsun raises an amused eyebrow. This weekend is the match between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff; Wheein doesn’t feel worried about it, yet everyone is pushing their feelings on her.


« Since I am paying for the Sugared Butterfly Wings, do you want something else? »


« Jelly Slugs! »


It is an excited Wheein who exits the Honeydukes candy store. Yongsun and Wheein walk together back to the castle; Wheein is a bit too excited because of the Jelly Slugs Yongsun bought for her, and the sugar now running in her system. Yongsun tries to calm her down, but the girl can’t resist candies.


« Everyone is busy… »


Yongsun drags the end of her sentence, Wheein is focused on her Jelly Slug, she looks adorable with the candies in her hands. Yongsun looks upstairs, she doesn’t know where is everyone but it seems like November has made the students stay in their common room rather than hanging around the castle, the cold temperature surely.


« Wheeinie… I am sure you haven’t used the Prefect’s bathroom yet. »


Wheein has asked for the password a few days ago, after giving Yongsun a big help with her Potion’s homework.


« I didn’t find the time to. You know, I am busy this weekend. »


« You should come with me then. »


They quickly ascend to the fifth floor, where the Prefect’s bathroom is, Wheein is still holding her bag of Jelly Slugs, Yongsun takes her hand and tells her to be quiet. The statue of Boris the Bewildered watches them, Yongsun gives Wheein a smile before speaking.


« Honeydukes. »


The entrance of the bathroom reveals itself and the two girls walk inside. Wheein has already heard from Byulyi about how big is the tube, still, she isn’t prepared for the swimming pool size of it. Yongsun pulls her toward the changing room and gives her a towel, she tells the Ravenclaw to meet her in the tube.


Wheein takes one last bite of her candy, she undresses and puts the towel around her body before heading out of the changing room. Her eyes are attracted by the tube, she can’t believe it is so big; Yongsun is already in the water, she is discussing with the mermaid on the stained glass, asking her for a relaxing bath. Wheein sees how the colors of the water cascading down from the pipes are changing.


« Come, Wheeinie. I made it extra relaxing for you. »


Yongsun’s voice is like a candy, extra sweet; Wheein folds her towel to the side before entering the warm water. She smiles at the absurd amount of bubbles, she takes some foam in her hands and blows, it goes everywhere. Yongsun observes her from the other side, she has this special smile only for the Ravenclaw girl.


« Unnie, it is wonderful. »


« Wait for it. »


Yongsun reaches for her wand, and with a barely audible spell, Wheein sees butterflies suddenly flying around the bathroom. They are the candies from earlier, Yongsun just enchanted them into flying around. Wheein giggles when one lands on her head. Yongsun moves closer to her.


« That’s amazing, unnie. You were right… I needed to relax a little. »


Yongsun smiles, she reaches for the shampoo on the side of the tube; Wheein doesn’t seem surprised when Yongsun starts to spread the product heavenly in her long black hair. She takes her time to coat even the tips, Wheein hums out of pleasure, and Yongsun’s massage on her scalp finishes to make her melt.


« You look adorable like this. »


Yongsun’s voice is low, Wheein has her eyes closed, bathing in the comfortable atmosphere between them. Yongsun is sitting behind Wheein, her legs crossed before her, Wheein feels herself unwinding and closing the distance between her and Yongsun’s body. The older girl’s chest brushes against Wheein’s back.


Eventually, Wheein is resting against Yongsun’s front, her head on Yongsun’s right shoulder and her hair still full of shampoo. Yongsun is amused, she keeps putting foam on Wheein’s chin, she now has a beautiful white beard.


« You are Santa now, Wheeinie! »


Wheein laughs at the cute tone Yongsun is using. Yongsun pushes their cheek together, hugging Wheein close to her. The water is green, a subtle and relaxing perfume is produced by the different cascades of water ending in the tube. The sound itself is relaxing, Wheein likes how beautifully the light from the different candlesticks reflects on the colorful stained glass.


Yongsun is holding her close, Wheein’s back is now entirely resting against the other girl’s front, she can feel Yongsun’s legs loosely wrapped around her waist, and the girl is playing with her hands just above the surface of the water.


« You are my savior. »


Wheein smiles when she feels a kiss on her cheek. A butterfly lands on their joined hands.



« Uniform! »


Hyejin continues walking down the stairs, she takes a turn but the Ravenclaw Prefect is faster. Hyejin doesn’t like the way he grabs her elbow, he forces her to stop and looks at her with a frown.


« Ahn Hyejin, it is the third time this week. You are a fifth year, you should be showing the example to the younger ones. Please adjust your uniform or I am doing it. »


Hyejin groans, she buttons her shirt properly, arrange the grey sweater in the colors of Slytherin inside her pants, raises her trousers, and puts her work robe on both of her shoulders. The Prefect points to her untied tie, Hyejin rolls her eyes before tying it properly. The Ravenclaw nods to himself, he is about to say something else but he is interrupted.


« I am taking care of her, don’t worry Lucas. »


Wheein kindly smiles at the Prefect and pulls Hyejin away, toward the library which is nearby. Once seated, Hyejin is fast to untie the silver and green tie and ed two of her shirt’s buttons. She feels more comfortable like this, Wheein says nothing, she places a pile of books next to them so the other students don’t notice them too much.


« I could have handled that myself. Thank you, anyway. »


« Lucas is a friend of mine, I told him to let students breathe a little. But he takes his Prefect position very seriously. »


Hyejin hums, she believes Wheein is a friend with half the school anyway. She looks at the girl, she seems more relaxed, her hair looks shiny and she has an un-washable smile on her lips. Hyejin raises an eyebrow, but her face quickly breaks into a knowing smile.


« Did you...have ? »


« What! »


Wheein puts her hands before , she just raised her voice in the quiet library. They wait a moment for the stares to look away before continuing their conversation. Wheein’s cheeks are bright red and Hyejin’s eyes have a devilish sparkle in them.


« Why are you asking me that? »


« You just look so good. Like something changed. »


« Nothing changed! »


Wheein is whispering-screaming, and Hyejin is very amused by the responses Wheein is giving her. She doesn’t think it is a big deal if she did, it isn’t prohibited in Hogwarts regulation and they are old enough to do so; fifteen going sixteen. Yet Wheein is acting completely panicked about the whole thing.


« If you say so, I believe you. You just look strangely relaxed for someone who has a match tomorrow. »


Hyejin sees the blush on her friend’s cheeks, but she stays quiet.




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