Chapter 1 or Byulyi can't handle butterbeer and doesn't get invited to party no more

The Hardship of Desire



« I don’t understand why we have to ask Wheein? »


« Because you are drunk. »


Hyejin’s words are strict, not giving room for Byulyi to argue about the situation they are in. The older doesn’t make a single move to help Hyejin as she carries both of them through the corridors of the castle.


Hyejin wonders where could Wheein be at this hour. The library. Obviously. This girl is glued to the place and Hyejin is a bit concerned about her health. She walks as fast as she can with a drunk Byulyi on her shoulders, she doesn’t even have the thought of using a spell.


The library is almost desert, Hyejin quietly tries to make her way across the shelves, but it is hard with a drunk Byulyi on her shoulders. Fortunately, she is quick to localize Wheein, who is curiously inspecting a row of books in the quest for her next reading, Hyejin is guessing. She knows they don’t have homework already because it is the first day of school.


This being said, being on the first day of school meant celebrating in Byulyi’s ears. She had left the castle with some of her friends to Hogsmeade, where they got drunk on butterbeer. Hyejin had found her near the lake, laying on the grass and trying to purge the alcohol in her system, by vomiting. It was pure luck no Prefect or House Head had found Byulyi.


« Wheein! »


« Unnie, shut up please. »


« We need your help. »


Wheein looks at them with a smug smile. They don’t change. Hyejin is still wearing common clothes despite being in Hogwarts’s library and Byulyi is drooling on her shoulder. Wheein likes the foolish way Hyejin’s hair is going, surely because of the problems Byulyi is causing her. This unnie.


« And of what help can I be? »


« Did you have a good time during the summer, Wheeinie… I missed you! »


Wheein lets out a laugh, but not loud enough to get a warning from the librarian. Byulyi is trying to stand on her own, but Hyejin refuses to let go, she knows the woman is not capable of it right now. Wheein pushes a chair for Byulyi to sit on and Hyejin thanks her with a subtle bow of her head.


« I had a great time, indeed. But I have to say, I missed you two… Always have a nick to put yourself in wonderful situations. »


« We aren’t here for that. »


Hyejin’s tone is almost angry at Wheein, but with just a look at the girl, she takes it on her to calm down. She needs Wheein’s help on this one. Byulyi has her head on the pile of books that was hanging on the study table next to Wheein.


« Byulyi lost her wand. Somewhere. »


« That indeed sounds like a problem. »


Wheein closes the book she was studying. She elegantly cleans her uniform. Hyejin thinks the blue and silver color suits her perfectly. She isn’t wearing the uniform work robe, only her white shirt and a pair of black trousers with a tie in the colors of Ravenclaw. Wheein has rolled up the sleeve on her forearms because of the warm temperature from the end of summer.


Hyejin is in common clothes, she has a large shirt, and her shorts disappear under the length of the shirt. Wheein thinks she is lucky it is only her and not a Prefect because the girl would have gotten a beautiful punishment on her first day.


« Do you know where she was last time she had her wand? »


Wheein asks Hyejin because Byulyi had fallen asleep on the pile of books. Wheein frowns when she sees a small trickle of drool on the cover of one of the books, but she says nothing.


« She spent her whole afternoon at Hogsmeade, drinking butterbeer. »


« Showing the example, well. Maybe we should go look there. »


« We can’t. »


« And why that? »


« Because it is almost time for dinner. And I don’t want to walk all the way there. Don’t you have a spell or something? »


« Now, I know why it is my help you seek. »


Wheein’s reputation as an ace student isn’t making honor to her real capacities. The girl is already one of the most promising wizards of her generation, with perfect grades in all subjects and a wonderful potential in Quidditch, she is the ace Jung Wheein.


Hyejin is very aware of Wheein’s potential, since more than once she has asked the Ravenclaw girl for help in diverse situations; it is to be noted that Byulyi has almost always been the reason for Hyejin finding herself in those difficult situations.


« Come on. Can you help Byulyi? Aren’t you two friends? »


Wheein throws a look at the unnie fast asleep next to her. She doesn’t know if their relationship takes the “friend” label but it is clear they share more than one epic memory. Wheein has to admit, her schooling at Hogwarts has never been as funny since her meeting with the Slytherin unnie.


« I will see what I can do. »


Wheein pulls a hair from Byulyi’s scalp and turns to Hyejin with a mischievous look in her eyes.


« Take her to her bed, she won’t be joining us for dinner in this state. I am taking care of her wand problem. »



« Here is her wand. »


Wheein puts the wand in front of Hyejin, she has even attached a small note to it. Hyejin has half stuffed with chicken wings, Wheein laughs.


« How… How did you find it? »


« That is something I won’t be telling you. But you can thank Ggomo, right here. »


A white cat, which Hyejin is familiar with is perched on Wheein’s shoulder. His golden eyes are looking attentively at the chicken bone between Hyejin’s fingers. Wheein pats his head, her dimple smile is proud and Hyejin puts the wand and the note in the pocket of her work robe.


Wheein is pleased to see Hyejin finally changed in her uniform, the green, and silver of her tie complimenting her skin tone.


« Now, I will be going. Sometimes, it would be great for us to interact normally. »


Wheein sighs at the last word. Hyejin nods, yeah she would like that too. Wheein is back at the Ravenclaw table, her friends are loudly cheering on her, they are happy to see Wheein and be reunited with the girl.



« Miss Ahn, can you please follow my class with opened eyes? »


Hyejin groans, all the other students are laughing at her. It is not her fault, the faint breeze coming from the window is carrying the warm smell of the last summer flowers which makes Hyejin sleepy. She wants to change her seat so she can follow the course but the only available one is next to Wheein.


« Come forward if needed. »


It is not a suggestion, Hyejin knows she doesn’t have a choice and she finds herself next to Wheein. The girl offers her a strict smile, Hyejin lowers her head and sees a paper.


“That is what happens when you party all night.”


Hyejin looks at Wheein, she is following the course of History of Magic with great interest, her plume is writing quickly on the parchment in front of her. Hyejin knows it is her writing on the note, she thinks the girl has amazing skills to both follow the class and make rebuke her behavior.


“You weren’t invited?”


Wheein’s response is almost immediate, another paper has found its way underneath Hyejin’s plume. She wonders how the girl is doing that so quickly.


“I was. Byulyi unnie still feels grateful about her wand.”


Hyejin smiles. Indeed, the Slytherin unnie has thanked Wheein for her wand a good twenty times. Hyejin thinks it is a bit excessive but Byulyi puts Wheein in high regard as a wizard. Hyejin is just grateful to know someone like Wheein since she has so many problems because of Byulyi.


“Why did you not come?”


“I was sleeping.”


“Too bad.”


“There is a party at the Gryffindor’s on Friday. Wanna come with me?”


Hyejin looks at Wheein, the girl gives her a discreet smile. Hyejin doesn’t question how Wheein has been invited to this party, surely another unnie who owns Wheein something. She doesn’t bother thinking about it either, of course, she will come.


Wheein is pleased to read Hyejin’s answer. After the different adventures she has shared with the girl during her previous years, she thinks it will be good to spend a normal moment with her at the party. Wheein likes Hyejin; Byulyi presented them something like five years ago, at this time Hyejin was always stuck to Byulyi’s feet. Hyejin is a shy kid, even more, when she was in her first year at Hogwarts.


Wheein’s dad has been coaching Byulyi during the summer for Quidditch selections. Byulyi had met Wheein on this occasion, she easily bounded with Wheein who was to attend Hogwarts for her first year in fall. And the rest is history.


The bell alarms the student at the end of the lesson. Wheein and Hyejin exit the class together, it is time for lunch but Hyejin has to drop by Slytherin Dungeon before heading to the Great Hall. Wheein decides to go with her, she isn’t very hungry and wants to take this time to talk with Hyejin.


« Byulyi unnie is in a worst state than I am. »


« I bet. She isn’t good at limiting herself. »


Hyejin nods, she leads Wheein down the marble staircase and delivers the password for the entrance to reveal itself. There is no one in the common room since everyone is out for lunch, except for a mass on one of the couches.


« Happy to see you out of your bed, unnie. »


Wheein laughs at the groan Byulyi lets out, Hyejin tells them she is coming back in a few and goes to her room. Wheein sits down next to Byulyi, she pushes the hair out of her face to have a look at her condition.


« We are only the third day here and you have been drunk two times already. The problem is that you don’t know how to stop, unnie. »


Wheein gets a little flacon out of her pocket and gives it to Byulyi.


« I made that for you, should make you feel better. »


Byulyi mumbles a “thank you” and downs the flacon in one go. It is a small potion Wheein has been working on, it is supposed to boost your system when you feel tired or have been partying like an animal in the middle of the week. She thinks it will be helpful during her reviewing for the O.W.L. exams.


« You are a savior. »


Byulyi finally manages a sentence the potion is effective, Wheein proudly smiles.



« I bet Byulyi wasn’t happy to see you like this. »


Hyejin is wearing a blue shirt, it is ample and almost clear enough for Wheein to see through, she has paired it with black shorts, and here is the problem. Most of Hyejin’s tanned legs are revealed, Wheein has nothing against it, she even thinks Hyejin looks wonderful, Byulyi would disapprove of this outfit.


Since they aren’t going to class, nor in any part of the school where the uniform is required, they are free to dress the way they please. Wheein is wearing basic jeans with a shirt at the glory of a band she doesn’t even know.


Wheein has decided for them to meet halfway from the Gryffindor tower so they can go together. Hyejin even has some makeup on, Wheein compliments her, and Hyejin blushes a little. It is a quick way to the tower, they are lucky the stairs let them pass easily. Wheein tells the password and here they are, the effervescence of a teenager party hitting them.


Wheein is as often acclaimed by the students who shoot her name, too happy and already buzzed. Hyejin, a shy one, decides not to let go of Wheein’s hand as they walk through the crowd, Wheein is searching for someone. Hyejin should have known.


« Wheeinie! Here! »


A brunette with a two dimples smile is waving their way, she pushes herself past the table she was sitting on and quickly makes her way to the duo. Hyejin has to let go of Wheein’s hand, the brunette takes Wheein in her arms with force, due to the butterbeer she drank earlier. She doesn’t let go for a moment, Hyejin is surprised to see how Wheein gives the same passion back as she wraps her arms around the girl.


« Hyejin, that’s my un… that’s Yongsun unnie. »


« So pleased to meet you! »


Yongsun is loud. Hyejin knows they have already met several times during the past five years, it seems like only she remembers. Yongsun has her arm around Wheein’s waist, she is putting a drink in her hand and Wheein is even smiling with her eyes.


Yongsun is a Gryffindor, Hyejin has heard about her, mostly because Byulyi told her all about the story of the Seeker. Yongsun is part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, when she was a second year, they wanted to make her a Seeker, but she refused the position. She plays as a Keeper, Hyejin understands nothing about this Quidditch game.


Hyejin realizes Wheein isn’t the only person she knows, while the girl is busy with her unnie, she finds some familiar faces who pull her into the dance floor. Hyejin quickly loses Wheein in the Gryffindor common room, she lets her body move to the rhythm of the music.




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