Chapter 1

Love in the Dark
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I can only love you in the dark.


2022, Seoul



“Court dismissed.”

Several murmurs can be heard inside the courtroom after the judge gives his verdict. I watch the daughter of one of the largest telcos in the country, Kang Mirae on the other row getting handcuffed after being sentenced to twenty years imprisonment for drunk driving and killing a college student who is walking on the crosswalk that night where he got run over. 

The parents of the college student cried in joy as they hug each other, finally getting the justice that their son deserved.

“You’re all useless!” The woman screamed at the opposition team while getting dragged away by the two prison guards.

One by one, people start to congratulate me for winning the case. I single-handedly defeated the opposition team, I can't help but smirk as I pass through them. Flashes of camera greeted me as I exit the courtroom with my head held high.

I saw a man in an expensive grey Dior suit lighting up his cigarette while looking frustrated on my way out.

“Simon.” My heels clicked in the cobbled stone as I walks towards the leading lawyer of the opposition, Simon Lee.

Pushing my Ray-ban up to my head, I smile wickedly as my hand reaches out at his shoulder to pat a speck of invisible dust on it.

“Aigoo. Your suit looks so good. It’s such a waste to wear it in the day that you lost your case.” I said, full of smugness.

The man’s adam’s apple bobbed up and down. Standing six inches taller, he looked down with an arched eyebrow, “Drink the finest champagne tonight because your luck may run out on the next day.”

Being a lawyer for almost a decade, I can read between the lines easily. There’s a double meaning behind his words.

Knowing that he strikes a cord, it’s his turn to smirk. “Enjoy, Attorney Ji Eun.”

I watch his retreating back, burning holes at it. He deserved my mockery for taking up that case. For defending a criminal, again. I tried to shrug off from my mind whatever he said while waiting for my car that finally arrives after five minutes.

“Attorney!” My paralegal, Dalmi steps out from the car holding out a strawberry cheesecake. “Congratulations!”

“Thank you.” I took the cake and climbed on the shotgun seat while Dalmi starts the engine and drive away.

My feet kicked off my black jimmy choo heels and let it rest at the floorboard. I close my eyes for a moment as my head leans against the window.

“Your Dad called, he’s asking if you can have dinner with the-“ Dalmi still

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