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Seulgi moves into Irene's neighborhood and 

finds out the woman is married to Choi Minho, a CEO of one of the finest, businesses in the country. 


Fascinated, KR Group, tries to get hold of Minho's Company and the two neighbors meet in the board meeting.

"Ms. Kang, meet my wife, Choi Joohyun." 

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Choi. I'm Kang Seulgi, CEO of KR Group."

The two meet secretly after finding out Kim Yerim, Joohyun's cousin is friends with Kang Seulgi. 

"Well, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Having an affair with your husband's business partner?" 

"No... no, I'm not. And I'll show you how shameless I am."




Note to Readers;
Explicit Mature Content
This is a GL Fan-fiction Story
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This is a work of fiction, any relevance in real life events, persons, places or things are purely unintentional.

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