i left all the doors unlocked.




hey. to keep things short, i'm open to any kind of connections that lasts a long time. more about me down below.

  • oa, i'm over 20. only interact if you're above 18.
  • i belong to the plus side of the world, but i live like a minus (sometimes). timezones are not a problem.
  • currently busy with work and uni but i'll squeeze in a time to reply, always.
  • knock me out at plato? i will take the L for you.
  • down for anything, we can do the most mediocre things like watching stuff on hb, listen to music together... cpdp? haha...
  • mostly fc male idols (stray kids, ateez and enhypen). 
  • not non-dating, not nsa. just flirt with me and make me fall for you.
  • i'm a pisces with virgo moon and taurus ascendant. i don't know if this is good, but i guess it's relatively good for some?

i know i might seem boring, but i'm Not. give me a chance, i'm literally on my knees.
now, if you've come this far might as well drop your dc tag? see you soon.

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