Nothing Touches The Lady

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Seo Iseul's new bodyguard Kim Jongin says he's only there to make sure absolutely no one touches her, the only daughter of a prominent businessman-turned-politician, but sometimes... his hands, gaze, and devastatingly handsome face make her wish otherwise. Slowburn romance and eventual spice – the squeal-into-your-pillow-at-night kind. 






After blacking out and being taken home by the police, chaebol heiress Seo Iseul suddenly finds herself with a handsome shadow – a new bodyguard named Kim Jongin. At first, their relationship is strictly professional. But Iseul is a trouble magnet, Jongin is all kinds of magnetic, and between pretty dresses, potential fiancés, and legitimate danger, there might just be enough attraction to wreck their entire force field. 




Yes, the link to this story used to be for The Seven Secrets of Kim Jongin's foreword but I'm sorry, I don't feel particularly inspired by the concept of that fic anymore because HAHAHAHA THE ROMANCE ISN'T PROBLEMATIC AND FORBIDDEN ENOUGH LMAO SAY SIKE RN GUYS

So I present to you a spicy bodyguard AU short fic I've been wanting to write for months! Some notes before we begin:

  • y bodyguard Jongin x (bratty) chaebol heiress OC with eventual .
  • Tags/genres: romance, some action, some of that drama/pining/angst combo, but this is just meant to be my stress-relief fic so nothing too crazy here
  • Length: ~15 chapters. I'm actually quite excited for the buildup planned, so.... ;)
  • Please comment and upvote if you enjoy the story!! Every single comment and upvote truly makes us authors happy... literally just comment about anything – I LOVE reading my readers' rants and rambles (and if you're Indonesian, be sure to say hi!!). I also have a $ Ko-fi $ (no sign-up necessary!)

If you love this story enough to make a poster for it, please do and I'll definitely feature you in future chapters ❤️

Now without further ado, let's get into it!




The directive of his job is simple: to make sure absolutely nothing touches the lady.

Nothing – not a single threat from anyone's blade, body, or lips.

Well, maybe except one...


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