The Seven Secrets of Kim Jongin

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Star legal intern Seo Iseul gets unintentionally physical with her #1 rival and mortal nemesis Kim Jongin in her quest to prove that he’s hiding seven tattoos and should never get a return offer from Jung & Shim LLC.


Star intern Seo Iseul knows that tattoos are strictly prohibited at Jung & Shim LLC. So when she discovers that her #1 rival and nemesis Kim Jongin has one—and potentially six more—she’s determined to use this as her golden ticket to securing that return offer all for herself. The only problem is will she be able to guess where all his other tattoos are without changing her mind about him?


“Okay, you know what? How about this...” Jongin pauses, wearing a despicable grin that could only mean trouble. “You have three chances to guess where all my other tattoos are.  If you get them wrong, you’ll have to drop it. But if you get them right… Well, I’ll show you, and you can do whatever you want to me.”


UM HI I’m actually so excited to start this story??!?!?! Anyway some notes before we begin:

  • Tags include: workplace AU, law firm AU, enemies-to-confused-colleagues AU, intern!Jongin, ually frustrating Jongin, and eventual  (YES MAYBE THE HATE KIND MAYBE LMFAOO)
  • Expect the length to be about 5-7 chapters?? Aka THIS WILL BE A SHORT FIC!
  • I have ZERO EXPERIENCE IN THE LEGAL INDUSTRY and the only knowledge I have of it came from Suits and other media depictions so please excuse stuff that might be unrealistic lol
  • The release of this foreword does not mean that I will start updating this fic immediately. I just want to put out all upcoming stories first so that those who rarely check AFF these days know what I'm planning to work on in advance.
  • Inspired by a very cute high school heartthrob IRL who did have an underarm tattoo and several others on his… Read on to find out ;)

Without further ado, please subscribe, leave comments and upvotes, and stay tuned!! Love you!! xx

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