Unloving you (Seungwan’s girl)

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"She's Wendy of Red Velvet, while I am just a nobody" When she dated Seungwan, Lily already set her mind to every possible sacrifices she has to make; she accepted that their relationship should be kept in secret, she accepted that her existence shouldn't be linked to Seungwan's unless she's just a friend, she accepted that she couldn't talk about what relationship she has with the singer or even mention her name to anybody.

She accepted everything, fully aware that knowing her place is the only way for her to be with the person she loves most. 

But until when she can endure everything, now that when she looks at the woman, all she sees is a person she doesn't deserve, a person she shouldn't have fallen inlove with in the first place. 






Author’s note: I am so inlove with Wendy, our small, cute Seungwan and I know it’s not just me. I’ve been a fan of RV since happiness era and I do love them equally but since Seungwan came back from hiatus (Thank God she’s back 🥺), she’s been pulling me, making me on my knees haha I do still love them five equally but Seungwan is just - idk, everything about her makes me cray cray.

To make the story short, I am gay for Son Seungwan, and I’ve been trying to look for a story about her (with any other idol) and a girl with a calm and domestic relationship but I couldn't find, I mean there are some but I want a little bit of drama (edited)



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