more days with you

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Their first sunrise of the year and a Hyukjae who seemed to be more emotional than usual.


Happy New Year everyone!

I had this idea while stuck in a grocery queue because of last-minute new year's shopping. I got away with my original idea so...I'm pretty sure this is very messy as I am in a bit of a hump right now + writing fluff for me needs a lot of mental preparation hahaha.

Anyway, I still hope you enjoy this small piece (hopefully) of fluff I wrote. <3

Disclaimer/s: English is not my first language. Proofread this on my own so any mistakes are solely mine. I do not own anything/anyone aside from the lame plot.


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Chapter 1: Such a beautiful and heart warming fic. Ahh, can't help but get a lil bit teary. Their relationship is as special to us fans as it is to them. I wish for both of their happiness, whatever they choose to do in life.
Finally finished reading your amazing fics except the too angsty and ones. I really enjoyed reading them. Thanks for writing them author nim.^^
Chapter 1: *ugly crying face* thanks for sharing this sweet story πŸ’˜
Chapter 1: This was such a beautiful sweet and heartwarming story. They're so loving and whipped for each other, I really enjoyed this soft little story and I loved reading it so much. It really made me smile, thank you for writing such a nice piece πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
LeeLenaMx #4
Chapter 1: Sweet! Thanks for sharing!
1284 streak #5
Chapter 1: Awwww the sweetest!!!!! πŸ’–
Chapter 1: I will now imagine this forever and hope it really happened exactly like this. πŸ₯°
MinraKimAlpacaPanda #7
Star-Lord #8
Chapter 1: Such a sweet story! Just Eunhae falling in love with each other for the unteempth time ;) It made me realised that they didn’t have any first sunrise of the year picture uploaded onto their social media :( hopefully they kept up with the tradition of watching it! Thank you for writing this! <3
14_KateBeckett #9
Chapter 1: Loved it! This was so sweet and fluffy! I love love love domestic eunhae~ πŸ’œ Thank u for sharing!!