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first off, this is inspired by Scarlet_Sky’s EXO Secret Santa (check it out, also i asked her if it was ok already in case anyone is wondering, so she knows that i am doing this already)

and second please read the following carefully..


💖 information corner 💖

annyeong!! thank u for checking out my exo secret admirer valentine’s day gift exchange!!

calling attention of all exo-l’s/writers/future secret admirers!!

i know christmas barely passed and new years is yet to happen but i cannot wait anymore lols

dear exo-l’s, writers, and future secret admirers,

valentine and love is in thee air and we are in need of secret admirers!!


u do not want to miss out on this experience and opportunity!!

it’ll be fun and romantic just perfect for the upcoming season and holiday!!

💝 so what’s a secret admirer? 💝

pulled off of google: someone who shows that he or she thinks highly of a person (as by sending flowers) but keeps his or her identity a secret from that person..

however, this will not be in flowers but gifted stories!! i want to continue jessie’s gift exchange tradition in which participants are assigned a person to whom they will give a gift 💝 to but for valentine’s day rather..

this is to make someone happy, get to know new people, and share some love with fellow exo-l’s!!

even if u r not a writer, u can enjoy reading everyone’s story at the end.. it’s a win for everyone!!

all i ask is that if u r interested in being a secret admirer writer, do not waste my time if u aren’t going to actually write a story and just want to get one, i find that really rude and unfair to the rest of the admirers and those being admired.. i am sure that they would like their hard work to be appreciated and to be able to get a gift from their admirer so please refrain from doing so i cannot stress this enough.. or at least be kind and honest about it..

💘 rules: 💘

  • the identity of the gift giver secret admirer is to remain a secret and should not be revealed before the event ends..
  • respect the commitment u’ve made to the exchange.. there’s nothing more disappointing than an admiree receiving no gift.. if u find that u can’t complete or post ur gift by said dates, don’t hesitate to message me before february 7.. 
  • don’t reveal who ur admiree is before the event ends.. it would spoil the fun! 
  • nfsw content is allowed as long as it’s mentioned in ur assigned wishlist and if i can find secret admirers and writers who r ok with writing it..
  • ur story should contain at least 1000 words in length.. aside from that, u r free to write as much as u want.. it can be a oneshot, twoshot, threeshot, or short story.. whatever u want it to be..
  • do not post ur gifts before february 14th 12 am kst..
  • please do not be creepy, stalker-like, or weird..

❤️ guide: ❤️

  • sign up: is open until january 15th.. to join, please subscribe or comment below ur interest by putting a symbol of ur choice and i will pm u so u can fill out the wishlist below (or u fill out this google form link)
  • assignments: after january 15th, assignments and corresponding wishlists will be sent to everyone by pm..
  • gift reveal: u may post ur gifts february 14, 12 am kst.. please comment or send me a link once u have this up so i can link ur works here and u may notify ur admiree too!!
  • tip 1: if u need help converting the time to see when u need to post ur story use this website!! it is very helpful!! i already set it to kst for u!! all u have to do is put in the right date (2022 february 14) at 00 (12 midnight) 00 click submit then in the box that says in with (type in a location to change beneath it) put in ur location and then bam!! u get the time u need to know when it is 12 am february 14 in ur time zone!!
  • if u find that u are unable to post ur gift in time, please contact me (at the latest on february 7) so i can organize a replacement.. as much as i want to avoid this, i understand things come up and life gets in the way so the sooner i know the better, so please inform me asap if this is the case, there’s nothing more disappointing than an admiree/admirer receiving no gift.. if u can’t post ur gift, please don’t hesitate to message me before february 7 so i can make arrangements in time for the event or we can negotiate and reach a compromise..
  • note: ur story does not have to be completed by then, just as long as u have the foreword up by then.. if u want to have it finished, go ahead but it is not 100% necessary.. however it should be done before march comes to ensure that the admiree gets their gift in full..
  • any updates/reminders regarding the event will be posted here.. so subscribe if u plan to be an admirer that way u can get the updates!!
  • tip 2: if u have questions about ur admiree’s wishlist, please contact me and i will forward ur question to them, this way, we can keep ur identity a secret..


please copy/paste the following questions and answer them via pm after commenting ur interest with a symbol of ur choice or fill out this google form link: 

  1. which pairings do u prefer?? [name at least 3 different ones so ur secret admirer has enough options to choose from.. of course u can name a personal favorite!! allowed are member x member, member x oc, and member x reader pairings..]
  2. which genre(s) do u prefer?? [name as many as u want..]
  3. do u have a trope/an au u want to be included in ur gift?? [again, it’s encouraged to give ur secret admirer several options, but the choice is up to u..]
  4. anything else u want ur secret admirer to know??
  5. r u available to pitch in with a oneshot if necessary (in case someone drops out of the exchange and can’t finish their gift)?? [yes/no/maybe]
  6. what is ur general preference when writing!? [member x member / member x oc / member x reader]
  7. is there anything u don’t want to write?? [genre, pairing, nfsw content, etc..]


that’s it!! if u have questions, either write a comment or send a pm.. i will try to answer as soon as i can, thank u for reading..

so come on then let’s have some extra fun!! i can’t wait to start assembling these gifts!! please share and promote with ur friends who are also exo l’s or those interested in participating in this once in a lifetime romantic gift exchange..

with so much love!! ❤️🧡💛💜💙💚🤍🤎🖤❤️‍🔥💞💕💖💗💓💝💘💟❣️


p.s. this is what i will look like while waiting for people to sign up for this romantic gift exchange:

annyeong!! assignments have been sent out!! please check ur pm for the assignment u received!! have fun!! let me know if u have any questions, comments, or concerns ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ —juri!!
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