Fate in rewind


Baekhyun loves his boyfriend a lot. Like hella lot. With every inch of his body. 

But he doesn't really know whether Chanyeol loved him back. Sure he was really possessive and kept saying how Baekhyun was his but he never really reciprocated the I love you's that were uttered daily by Baekhyun every day for the past four years. All he got was a smile that depicted adoration.


But that was ok. Baekhyun was willing to wait. He knew his love for him will make Chanyeol come out of his shell one day. He just knew.

Maybe his hopes were too high.

Chanyeol's actually engaged.

It's a girl.

And he confessed his love to her infront of him like that would settle everything.

He was played


Now, lying on his front with warm blood seeping through his shirt, sharp pain across his head and fatigue all over his body and all the dizzying lights around him, he wondered where he went wrong. Maybe loving Chanyeol was a mistake. 

As he closed his eyes, he swore that if he ever make it out alive, he would despise Chanyeol for everything he made him suffer through.


Well.......that was one big description. So this story is inspired by the series HiStory. It's really amazing and i could totally imagine Chanbaek as the characters.

I might change a bit here and there on my own but overall it'll be the same. 

This is my first story and I have no idea why I'm even writing it but I'm bored and tired of waiting for where my life will lead me.....so here it is.^_^

My English isn't really good and my imagination is probably the worst and I'm really bad at describing stuff......but here goes nothing

Sorry for not updating this one. I'm currently working on Lover's mark and I'm happy with the way it's turning out, so I hope you guys have read that one meanwhile .
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