Under The Mistletoe

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Lee Mina and Kim Seungmin.

They only saw each other as classmates, nothing more.
Both of them were the top students of two different classes next door to each other.

But until then, one day.

Everyone was invited to a Christmas Party hosted by a senior at their school.
It was surprising to see each other at a party, but most surprising to see each other...

Under The Mistletoe


*> since it's gonna be Christmas soon, I decided to make a Christmas story! <*


Genre: Romance, School
Warnings: NONE



Lee Mina (OC) x Kim Seungmin

SKZ Maknae Line, Wonyoung, ITZY Maknae Line

Female OC(s): Kwang Soyeon, Choi Cherry, Hwang Areum
Male OC(s): Kang Doyoung, Dong Gunhak


Lee Mina (OC):
"WHAT!? Just because we kissed at the party doesn't mean that we're a couple Ryujin-ah!"

Kim Seungmin:
"Are you trying to plan something? 'Cause if you are then it's not working on me."

Han Jisung:
"AH! Nice to meet you beauty~"

Lee Felix:

Yang Jeongin:
"Oh? You like Mina, hyung?"

Jang Wonyoung:
"LOOK YUNA EONNIE! Doesn't Mina eonnie look like a princess!?"

Shin Ryujin:
"Felix, lets go and make some tiktoks!"

Lee Chaeryeong:
"Stop being so jealous Seungmin oppa! She doesn't have a boyfriend, I was just joking!"

Shin Yuna:

Choi Cherry (OC):

Kwang Soyeon (OC):
"AYO! Did someone say, GIRLFRIEND!?"

Hwang Areum (OC):

Kang Doyoung (OC):
"Yah! Mina! Stop smooching with your brothers friend and help your drunk bro over here instead!!"

Dong Gunhak (OC):
"If you like her, then just confess already! Nobody's stopping you."

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