Sweet Sugar

Eunji sits on her bed, staring at the wall in front of her. Her semester break has ended, and now it’s time to face the reality.

Siyeon flicks her forehead because she’s been staring at nothing for a while. "Why are you frowning?"

Eunji shakes her head and get ready for her class. It is Monday.

"I’ll see you at lunch." Siyeon leaves first as her class starts earlier than Eunji's and because they’re from different departments.

Eunji receives a call from her classmates, telling her some "exciting" news. According to her, "Ji, come quick. You should see something."

She grumbles as her friend keeps on calling her to come faster. Her department and the dorm are not that close or that far. 'If she calls me one more time.'

Thank goodness she arrived before her friend could call her. Again.


"Come quick!" Her friend looked ecstatic, and that made Eunji frown. 'Is the class canceled?'

Everyone settled down, but she could hear the students murmuring, not knowing why. She looked in front and saw a young man, not like her usual lecturer. "Since when did our lecturer change her gender?"

"Don’t you know? Mrs. Choi took a month leave due to her health. So we have a new lecturer." Maybe she was so busy she didn’t realise it, and she has no idea why all the girls in her class are fangirling over this new lecturer. 'Is he that dashing?' She thought if her new lecturer look like her daddy.


"Alright class, open your notes."

Eunji squints. Her new lecturer’s voice sounds so similar, but maybe that was her imagination.

When the lecturer turns around to see the class, Eunji almost gasps but quickly covers her face. What on earth is he doing here?

"My name is Jung Jaehyun, and you may call me Mr. Jung. I’ll be taking care of your class until Mrs. Choi is back."

Some of the girls are squealing because they’ll be seeing this "newly sir" for a month, and perhaps they could try to hit on him.

"So, what have you learned from Mrs. Choi this semester? I need to know so I can keep up with you."

The girls are raising their hands to be picked by this new, handsome lecturer. Not until he points at Eunji. "The one with the ponytail, mind telling me?"

Eunji looks around and she points to herself. "Me?"

"Yes, you. What’s your name?"

"Uh... I think Mrs. Choi only taught us up until chapter four." She saw Jaehyun raise his eyebrows. "I asked for your name first."

"I’m sorry. My name is Choi Eunji."

"Related to Mrs. Choi?" Eunji quickly shakes her head and wonder why, out of nowhere, she’s feeling nervous. Maybe it is because she has never seen Jaehyun as a teacher.

"You had your short semester break yet you are still stuck at chapter four?" Eunji looks at how Jaehyun opens the projector and asks the students to listen carefully to what he's going to say. "This will be on your test."

Her friend nudges her elbow. "Gosh, our new lecturer looks so hot like that."


Once the lecture finished, everyone is bustling to go out and have their stomachs filled, but not until Jaehyun called her. "Miss Choi."

Eunji’s friend is biting herself from slapping Eunji’s arm because the hot mister is calling for Eunji.

"Here." A black card. The black card is shown while Jaehyun waits for Eunji to take it.

"It’s not mine."

"I saw it fall out of your wallet." Eunji frowns, almost rolling her eyes. She knows this is only Jaehyun’s method to make sure she takes back the card.

"All right." She grits and takes it because she doesn’t want her friend to question whatever the situation she’s facing. "Thank you, sir."

Jaehyun smiles, showing off his perfect dimples.

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