[ II ]

It's a Date

You picked up the phone, cradling it between your head and shoulder as you looked over yourself in the mirror. “What do you want, Sehun?”

“I’m bored,” he said. “Let’s go get something to eat.”

As much as you liked getting food with Sehun, you’d have to pass; you already had plans, which you now realised you forgot to mention to him. “Sorry, I can’t; Baekhyun’s coming to pick me up in a few,” you explained as you switched your phone to the next ear.

You’d been spending a lot of time with Baekhyun lately, and you enjoyed every second of it. He was amazing; very caring and considerate, hilarious, and still very flirtatious. Each time you went out with him, you always found something new that you liked about him.

For instance, his tendency to chew on his thumb whenever he was lost in thought. He seemed to be embarrassed by it, but you loved it; it always brought a smile to your face every time you caught him doing it.

“Again?” Sehun asked, drawing you out of your thoughts. “You just met the guy a few weeks ago and you’re already replacing me?”

“Don’t even start. Last time I asked you to hang out with me, you were busy with Eunji,” you reminded him.

“Yeah, whatever, anyway,” he began, “where are are you going this time? Restaurant? Arcade?”

You’d went to an arcade last time, and you had both agreed that a restaurant was a bit too stuffy for your tastes, but neither of you had much ideas about where you should go, which led to you agreeing to the idea that he had just tossed into the air. “No. We’re not even going out, actually,” you said. If he was here, he’d smack you for being so concerned about how you looked when you weren’t even going out.

“So… you’re going to his house?” He seemed a bit wary based on his tone, and you had to shut it down before he got any ideas.

“We’re eating dinner at his house, and watching a movie afterwards,” you emphasised.

“Eunji told me he that he’s a terrible cook,” he said.

You already knew this; Baekhyun warned you when he had invited you over, though he promised that he’d read a ton of cookbooks and spend hours watching cooking tutorials, but you ended up deciding that you’d just order food instead.

“That won’t be a problem,” you said, finally tearing your eyes away from the mirror to gather your things.

“Alright, well have fun,” he said, then he burst into a fit of giggles. “And make him wear a con—”

“Goodbye, Sehun.”

You hung up on him, not giving him another chance to speak, and within good time. Baekhyun knocked on your door three times, and just like that, all your nervousness came flooding back to you as you quickly gathered the rest of your things and rushed to the door.

He flashed a dazzling smile, giving you a slight wave as he looked you over. “Ready to go, babe?”

‘Babe’ was one of the many things he called you, along with sweetheart, honey, darling, and beautiful, and each time you heard it, butterflies fluttered in your stomach. Which, of course, he noticed, because he always took a second to observe your behaviour after he dropped a pet name.

“Yeah,” you mumbled, then he looped his arm around yours, and walked out towards his car. “So, um… what movie do you have in mind for tonight?” you asked.

“The movie isn’t important,” he said with a shrug. “I just wanted to spend some time with you.”

Something about the way he smiled at you made your heart flutter, face growing red when you noticed the playful glint in his eyes. “If you keep saying things like that, someone might think you have a crush on me.”

But, rather than confirm or deny it, he laughed with his head thrown back, before he changed the topic entirely. “What do you want to watch?” he asked as he opened the door for you.

“Anything but horror.” You didn’t get nightmares or anything from it, but you would rather not embarrass yourself by flying two feet in the air while he sat back and laughed at you.

“I’ll keep that in mind, then.”

And he did.

You were sitting on his couch with your head buried in his chest and his arm wrapped around your shoulder. Despite how intimate the moment seemed, you would’ve killed him already if you didn’t feel so warm in his arms, and the fact that he was the only thing keeping you on the couch as another jump scare pulled another whimper out of you.

It didn’t take you long to realise that this was his plan, probably long before you had even mentioned your disdain for horror movies, just so you’d have no choice but to hold on to him throughout the whole movie. You wanted to push all your fears aside and not touch him once out of spite, but if you were being honest, you liked this — especially the low chuckle he let out every time you held him tighter.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly, raking his fingers through your hair. When you looked up at him, he blinked, fluttering his lashes at you, then his eyes dipped down to your lips for a split second, so fast that you wouldn’t have noticed it if you weren’t gazing at him so intently.

Your heart did a little twist, and your face grew so hot that it felt like it was on fire. But, you disregarded it, turning your attention back to the screen. “You’re an evil man, Byun Baekhyun,” you mumbled.

His fingers found their way under your chin, making you meet his eyes. His lips were curled into a small smile before he gave you a playful pout. “But you still like me, right? Please don’t hate me too much,” he said, and before you could assure him that you could never hate him, he left two kisses on your forehead.

It was hard to get through the rest of the movie without focusing on how he held you, how he pulled you closer to him occasionally, how he kept looking at you to make sure you were alright.

By the time the movie was done, the sun hadn’t completely set, soft light spilling into the room as the credits rolled on the screen. Neither of you wanted to move, it seemed, because it meant your date — whatever it was — would be over.

Baekhyun was the first to make a move, though, standing up and stretching his arms above his head. You figured it was his way of telling you that he was tired and it was time for you to leave, but to your surprise, he didn’t. “It’s not that late, so, um… if you want, we can watch another movie.”

“Sure, of course,” you replied, then the corners of his lips rose into a smile, and he ruffled your hair before walking into the kitchen for some water.

He’d given you the option to choose the movie this time as compensation for making you sit through a horror movie, and you’d chosen a comedy. You wanted to choose a romance, since that was what you usually watched, but you were too worried about it sending the wrong message. You were friends, and that was it, though the more you spent time with him, the more unsure you felt.

Sure, you were a bit touchy with Sehun, and he was with you, but never like this. You’d held hands, you’d hugged, and the only times he’d ever kissed you was to annoy you, and his lips merely hovered over your cheek before he quickly pulled back.

What you had with Baekhyun definitely veered into the ‘more than friends’ category on your end, but you weren’t so sure about how he felt. You’d already acknowledged that he was flirtatious by nature, and he had admitted to it himself; but sometimes, you had to wonder if this was more than flirting for him.

You hardly paid attention to the movie, and eventually, your recurring thoughts exhausted you so much that you fell asleep in his arms.

Which would have been less of a problem if you hadn’t woken up at around 2am, the room nearly pitch black, save for the dim light coming from the blank TV screen. Baekhyun’s arms were still around you, but his head was thrown back and soft snores escaped his mouth, blissfully unaware of the situation.

It was far too late for him to drive you back home, and Sehun was probably fast asleep, so you didn’t want to bother him. You knew that they were other possible option, such as calling a cab, but if you were being honest, spending the rest of the night in Baekhyun’s arms didn’t sound so terrible.

The rational you, the one that wasn’t affected by the fugue of sleep, would have to deal with that in the morning. You lied back down with your head resting on his chest, and let your eyes flutter shut.

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