Can i please get a bestie for christmas?!


y gamer girls and horror movie enthusiasts desperately wanted (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)


Reposting because I'm sad and bored and need somebody to look forward to talking to so I have a reason to be awake

I want to make it very clear that I'm a woman looking for other female fcs. I'm not interested in men at all and to be honest, I tend to not click well with bg stans TwT 

Let's get into the important stuff!

About me:

  •  I'm of age! 18. If you're a minor, please let me know beforehand so that I don't say anything NSFW!
  • I wanna show you my dog please ask to see him
  •  -4, but I'm unemployed and my sleep schedule is crazy irregular.
  •  strictly nd, just looking for friends (with benefits, perhaps?)
  • I fc Loona members!
  • I'm really into gaming. Will play anything that I own with you (Minecraft, Skullgirls, Stardew, Enter the Gungeon, Monster Prom, etc.) Will definitely impress you with my rhythm game skills. Will gladly shareplay and let you play any of the games on my PS4 or watch you play somethin on yours <3
  • I do not play genshin impact.
  • I'll watch movies/youtube videos and anime with you! I'm mostly into the horror genre, come get scared with me >:3
  • We can also listen to music together, duh!
  • For other OA people: I'm hyperual, so I'm definitely down for some NSFW stuff. I'm a switch with no lean. Can be a hard dom, a brat, a puppy sub. Whatever floats your boat. I have lots of kinks, both hard and soft.
  •  Love having conversations that are barely comprehensible and sending memes that .
  • I'm an artist!
  • I tend to reply real fast most of the time

What I'm looking for:

  • Any female fcs! I have a very big soft spot for Loona fcs <3
  • Somebody that'll play games with me
  • Funny people...if you're boring I'll beat you up
  • Somebody to talk about girl group stuff and watch MVs/variety shows with 
  • Somebody that'll be okay with a little bit of teasing! I make a lot of jokes like that and we probably won't get along well if your feelings get hurt super easily
  • Somebody that will also make an effort to keep the conversation going! I always end up having to carry it TwT
  • Nsfw wise; Doms, subs, switches? Extremely girls? All of that good stuff.
  • You don't have to reply super fast! I won't get mad! But if you're never ever going to have time to talk to me or you're gonna ghost after one message then why even apply (´;Д;`) Happens every time

If you read through all of that and it didn't make you want to throw up, feel free to comment/PM your Discord tag (and faceclaim, if you can)! I'll add you ASAP!

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