Korea awards its Heroes

Love War: 3015

Julian's POV:

It was the end of the World War III, everyone rebuilt their lives from the Horrors of the third world war. I was back as chief of Presidential Security. Today the awarding Ceremony and my official investment into the Presidential Security Group will take place. I was dressed in my Gala Uniform. I was staying at Hyunri's room, fixing my tie. When Hyunri saw me having a bit of trouble with my tie. She smiled softly at the sight of me.

"Baby, you're tying it wrong. Let me do it." She said as she stood behind me.

She puts her hands around me, her breathing down on my neck sends chills towards my spine. I stood trying to be unaffected by the sensations she was giving me. She smiled secretively at me as she tries to tie my neck tie, I haven't had so much trouble dressing up, but with Hyunri in the room, watching as I got dressed for today's gala was a different story. The whole of Korea knew who I was, they accepted Hyunri's coming out warmly.

Hyunri chuckled at me as she makes a final pull at my tie and it magically was in place, I looked sharp. I turned to face her and gave her lips a quick and chaste kiss. She smiled into the kiss.

"Thank you for helping me get dressed madame. I usually didn't have a problem tying my own ties, but with you in the room, I got distracted." I said smiling to her.

"You're welcome my General baby." She said chuckling.

"General Baby? Are you mocking me Hyunri?" I said to her frowning.

"Nope. Just saying you are a General of the army and my baby." She said smiling as she reached for my eyebrows and pushes them apart.

"No frowning baby, it doesn't suit you." She said as she tiptoed to place a kiss on my forehead.

I was taller than Hyunri by a few inches. I held her steadily against my body. She turns me around again and helped me get into my suit. Once I was done getting dressed, Hyunri smiled and placed a quick kiss on my cheek.

"There, you look dashing baby." She said to me.

"Thank you, Madame President. I appreciate your effort in dressing me." I said smiling back at her.

"We should go now." Hyunri said.

We went down the palace ball, I was escorting Hyunri who was dressed in her gala uniform, a royal red ensemble, long skirt and combat shoes. The side slit of her gala skirt was so long. I almost had a heart attack the moment I first saw her on it. The door opened as the emcee announced the President's arrival at the ball, everyone turned their eyes on us. I was in my full gala attire, grey suit and tie, pants, combat shoes, a sash went around my chest and a sword dangled at the side. Hyunri was clinging to my arm as we stood before the crowd. We walked upfront as I escorted Hyunri to the front of the palace ball room. The same room I was at previously. But because Korea accepted Hyunri's coming out warmly, I am now by her side. I let her take the front of the ball as she was going to give a speech. Everyone was here, including my co-officers and other dignitaries, they clapped their hands for Hyunri.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We have survived the war, so now is the right time for us to properly celebrate the win we had. It has been two months now since the war ended, since we rebuilt our lives. The last time I appeared before you, I was doubting whether you are still going to support me or not. I am grateful to everyone of you who still supported me. Mostly I am grateful for the soldiers who fought for the third world war." She said.

"I would like to begin by awarding medals of honor and valor to our soldiers, those who lived and died for our beloved country." Hyunri announced.

The awarding ceremony began, one by one she called the families of those soldiers who died in the battle field, they received Korea's Blue Heart Medal of Valor. The highest award a president could give for citizens who have died serving our country.

Next, award is Korea's Red Cross Medal of Honor the highest award a president can give for Soldiers who fought and survived their missions. Colonel Sky Han and Major Jinri Lee, was one of the awardees. I also received the said Medal, Hyunri was the one who pinned these medals.

"Now, we want to let everyone know that the Presidential Security Taskforce will be reinstated with it's original members Colonel Sky Han, Major Jinri Lee, Captain Ahn Han-gyul, Captain Bae Kyhun-so and General Julian Choi as the Chief of Presidential Security Task Force." The emcee was the one who announced this news.

Rounds of applause could be heard in the ball room. The emcee gave me the microphone to speak.

"First of all, I wanted to say thank you to our president who has been my inspiration to serve and protect the country. I want her to know that I will not be accepting her offer to make me Chief of her security. Because, Miss Hyunri Park, I want to protect you forever until the day that I die. Will you be my wife Hyunri?" I said to her as I knelt in front of her in the middle of the ballroom with a diamond engagement ring.

Hyunri was surprised, her face was red and tears automatically fell from her eyes. She nodded at me and managed to say a barely audible "Yes." She said to me. I got her left hand and slipped the ring into her hand.

She pulled me up and kissed me torridly on my lips, as the ballroom clapped their hands, cheering us. Unnie Sky and Jinri were gleefully shouting along with other people. Hyunri and I looked at each other's face, I was now in tears as well but not for long because she wiped my tears away. Our forehead against each other's, she held my face and said.

"I love you, Julian." She said tearfully smiling.

I wiped her tears away and said to her.

"I love you to the universe and back, Hyunri. Thank you for making me the happiest woman alive." I said to her giggling softly.

She giggled as well as we faced the whole ballroom, I held her hand up and more loud cheering could be heard in the entire ball room. The festivities went on, Hyunri and I welcomed our guests as each one said their congratulations to us. I can not be more happy than tonight, what? With Hyunri by my side who wouldn't be happy?

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