Final Heartbreak

Love War: 3015

Hyunri's POV:

I left Gangnam at around 6:00 p.m. as Hyunri's live telecast from Seoul had started. I arrived in Busan at exactly 8:30 p.m. Hyunri knows I typically wait for her for an hour past the agreed time of meeting. I sat at the dock, waiting for Hyunri. I have been waiting for her past an hour now, it doesn't look like she was going to come. The boatman asked me one last time.


"Miss are you joining the last trip to Jeju Island?" He said.

I looked back at the entrance of the dock, seeing Hyunri was not there, I eventually nodded at the boatman.

"Yes sir." I said to him.

"Then hurry up and board the boat, we leave in a minute or two." The boatman said.

I did as I was told, I boarded the boat with heavy foot steps, I have come to accept that Hyunri abandoned me and that she isn't coming with me to Jeju Island. Tomorrow will be the last day of my life. For all the shame I have brought upon myself, it is only right that I die alone in Jeju Island. I plan to jump off a cliff and drown in the sea. The spot where Hyunri and I first had a date, the same spot I plan to Jump to my demise to kill this love I have harbored for her in the three years we have been together. A fitting end to a doomed love affair. Once I boarded the boat, the boatman prepared his small ferry for the trip. We sailed into the night, my mind filled with regrets, with Hyunri. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I exhaled.

"Julian!!!!!" My mind was playing tricks with me as I heard Hyunri faintly screaming from the dock.

She was crying from afar. Is this really how our love was supposed to end? She broke my heart for the last time, I have given her this last chance but she never arrived. She just left me waiting for her, for nothing. I sat quietly at the ferry, watching the faint lights from the dock fade away. I wanted to cry at the sight of the dock, I wanted to scream at my mind for hearing things, I wanted to make my heart stop its beating for Hyunri.

*** 10:35 p.m. at The Busan Dock, Five minutes after Julian's ferry boat left. ***

Hyunri's POV:

I made it to the dock, one hour and thirty five minutes late. Jinri and Sky accompanied me here tonight. After I had a live appearance in the camp. I didn't tell Julian as I was there to surprise her, I was expecting she would stay in the camp. She fully defected against my orders and has now left for Jeju Island. Ugh! That woman is so stubborn I thought to myself as I cried at the dock, Julian was aboard the boat that just left this dock. 😭 Huhuhu! 😭

"Unnie Hyunri, we can go to the airport and catch a flight to Jeju." I heard Jinri said.

"But I don't have a flight ticket and my passport is in the palace." I complained to Jinri.

"You mean this madame?" Lee Hyun-min my driver said smiling.

I looked up to him and he had my passport with him and flight ticket. My eyes are grateful for him.

"But I don't think you need a passport to fly to Jeju. I have heard your plans of eloping with Miss Choi, so I prepared this for you Miss Park." Mr. Lee said.

"There we are! Thank you so much Mr. Lee, now please take us to the airport." Jinri said

My driver nodded at them and escorted us to the car. We left the dock and after 15 minutes of driving we arrived at Busan International Airport. My driver and friends bade me goodbye and sent me off to the boarding gate. I was in time as my flight will be leaving in 10 minutes. I know exactly the place where Julian is, we had our first date at Jeju Island, we stayed over at Mj Resort where a cliff is near.

If I am not mistaken, she will go here, according to Colonel Sky Han, she plans to kill herself tomorrow noon. 😭 Why does she have to do this? Does she not understand that I was just getting ready to surprise her? 😭 Gahd! This woman is unbelievable! I kept thinking to myself. I boarded the business class of the plane, upfront I had nothing on me except my phone, passport and ticket and some money just enough to buy me a meal and get me a cab once I land on Jeju Island.

It only takes 30 minutes by plane to get to Jeju Island and I think for once, I will wait for Julian at the Jeju Island Port. Her travel by ferry boat will take her two hours, I will be there at around 11:05 p.m. with this, I got onto my phone and called my aides at the island. I instructed them to meet me at the dock of the port, I asked them to bring me a bouquet of pink roses her favorite flowers, I also asked them to buy me a size seven silver ring. Though the palace aides were wondering what was I up to, I said I'll explain when I land. I asked my aides from the island to pick me up at the airport.

I settled in on my flight seat, I tried to relax and take my mind off things. I put my phone on flight mode. Yes, the president of Korea has a Palace at Jeju Island and there are people in Jeju Island we could call to arrange what I have asked them to get for me even at this late hour. I closed my eyes and focused on Julian's lovely eyes, how they spoke to me when ever I looked at them. I heard the pilot greet us and announced that we are about to take off.

There was 10 people on the plane travelling to Jeju Island from Busan. All of them were tourists, they must have thought I was an officer of the military as I was still dressed in my Gala Outfit. As chief commandant of the armed forces of Korea, I had to wear a military uniform myself on official functions such as what happened earlier.

I wore a royal red gala uniform, my suit is red as well as the long pencil cut skirt, I wore a black tie and black combat boots. My rank honors and pins are pinned to my upper left chest. The side sleeves of my gala uniform indicates my rank insignia as well. The captain flew the plane with ease and before we knew it we were landing to Jeju Island. Once we were allowed to go down from the plane, the security recognized me and made me exit the plane first.

Once I was out of the plane. I walked to the arrival area where I found someone with a sign that says Ms. Hyunri Park. I approached my driver who was the brother of my driver back in the mainland. Lee Han-gyul, he smiled upon seeing me and ushered me into the Presidential Sedan. I went in and told him to bring me to the Jeju Port. To which he replied.

"Yes, Miss Park. I know, please buckle up and we'll arrive in 20 minutes." He said to me.

True enough, we arrived at the port. With 30 minutes left for me to take my place. I asked the port's care taker to dim down the lights. To obscure me from view. He was supposed to turn the lights back on the moment Julian steps into the dock. I stood there in the middle of the dock. In my arm was her favorite flower, on my right hand I held the little box with two size seven rings.

Because it was short notice, I only planned to give her a promise ring tonight. A few moments and the faint light from the boat I have already seen from afar. It was quickly making its way toward the dock. I breathe in and breathe out. This is it, it's now or never. I heard the boatman say.

"Hello?! Can we get a light?" The boatman said.

The light at the end of the dock opened, the light was a little harsh it was blinding everyone who's looking towards me. I giggled softly to myself about the dock's care taker's passive aggressiveness with the boatman.

"Gee thanks!" The boatman said sarcastically as he pulled his boat and tied it to the dock.

"Here you go, Miss." I heard the boatman said as he assisted Julian from alighting his boat.

"Here you go, Sir. A hefty tip for bringing me to Jeju Island on such short notice. Have a great life sir." I heard Julian said to the boatman.

"Oh miss, you don't know how my life would change with this 30,000 thousand won you gave me." The boatman said.

"Don't mention it sir." Julian said as she took a step towards me. The lights went out again.

Then the lights turned back on, revealing me. Julian was stunned and I was stunned because the dock caretaker played a song that blared at the port's speakers.

A song from HENRY called It's you. We looked at each other's eyes as we stood seemingly frozen in time. I was so anxious to see her finally, I miss her so much, I can't explain how I feel. I ran towards her and hugged her. Her body wobbled slightly as I crashed into her arms.


"You defected! I thought you'd know by then that this plan we had of running away was off the tables. How could you leave me?" I said to her crying.


"I died on my way here, I thought you abandoned me." I heard her say as she squeezed me in her arms.


"I'm not abandoning you, you dufus! I came to Gangnam, I announced that the war was over, I also announced that I will not marry Akihito, because I'm not straight, I'm bended by a lesbian." I said to her crying.


She pulls away from the hug, she wipes the tears dripping down my eyes. I handed her the bouquet I was holding with my left hand. She smiled at the gesture, she kissed me on my forehead.


"I'm sorry that I didn't get to see you at the Gala. I didn't know about your elaborate plan to surprise me." She said.


"Now, I'm going to give you a ring, a promise ring so you won't forget me." I said to her.


"Julian Choi, I love you to the moon and back, twice." I said to her as I slipped the ring into her ring finger.


She takes the other ring and slips it into my finger ring as she said.


"Hyunri Park, I love you to the moon and back and around the universe and back." She said smiling.


We kissed each other on the lips, tender and passionate to seal our promise of love. She grabs me by the hand and we walked out of the dock and into my car. This night was so full of adventure. The driver drove us to the presidential palace. As Julian and I held our hands intertwined. A good night to celebrate us both and the end of the war.

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