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Baekhyun thought his life was perfect the way it was now, even with his different blood. 



He has friends, a part time job, a crush at the part time job and the cherry on top was that apparently Sehun hinted he's with someone. Though not officially, but that didn't matter. 

All that mattered was that he was happy and everyone around him was.

Now, sitting on cold pavement with the moon as his only companion, he wonders where it wrong?


Maybe the meaningless in the cafe's storeroom triggered it all?


He was too lost in his misery that his brain couldn't really account the presence of a stranger at his back until there was a sharp pain on his neck and he lost consciousness.






Hey guys! 

So this is my first fanfic ( the actual first one is fate in rewind but I started this way before ) and I haven't properly laid out the plot properly but I'm really bored and thought of writing all the random snippets my brain decides to hammer me with. Posting this without any chapter before I chicken out. I'll post the first chapter by next month which is like in a few days,so...¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Sorry stuff's going on(〒﹏〒).

The original plot isn't my own though but from another story I read a long time ago so I just decided to add a lot of spice and supernaturalness in it.....Soooo......I don't know whether I'll get accused for plagiarism >.< but here goes nothing......

My native language isn't English and I have no background in literature either so I have no idea how this will go but will always be waiting for advices ^_^ and I guess criticism too(*_*).


Just wondering why the views on my forward page are nearing 900 but the ones on my first chapter are near 180🤔
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