Flesh N Blood

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Dr. Lee Hyukjae and Dr. Lee Donghae are under the COVID-19 pandemic. When survival is now unpromised- how willing are you to give in? It is time for Hyukjae and Donghae to reconsider their choices as COVID frontline warriors.

But it all boils down to younger Hyukjae and Donghae voicing their Hippocratic Oath as freshmen,

how they long loved each other,

and how they morphed into great doctors today.






title: Flesh N Blood

length: chaptered
genre: romance, fluff, medical AU, Covid-19 Background
pairing: Hyukjae/ Donghae [HyukHae]






*This fiction is the third of my Hyukhae/EunHae Medical AU series

For a complete reading experience, do begin with the first one!*



Book 1: Hot N Cold

Description: Everyone thought they know Dr. Lee Hyukjae, but no one's ever looked past his coldness and intelligence to see who he really is. Everyone thought they know Dr. Lee Donghae too-cute, friendly and silly, but his swaggering personality has faults that he tried hard not to reveal... Then Hyukjae met Donghae, and their worlds changed. Because sometimes when you met someone, the whole universe just came into focus.


Book 2: Black N Blue

Description: Dr. Lee Hyukjae is fascinated by distances, every single day he learns to lock himself behind the numbness, yet every day he searches for something that keeps him here, alive and awake. Dr. Lee Donghae lives for everyone around him, counting his days to deplete his whole self to patients, but never learns to love himself back... But, when Hyukjae and Donghae met in this intricate hospital, it is unclear who saves whom. Soon it's only with Donghae that Hyukjae can be himself. And it's only with Hyukjae that Donghae can love himself a bit more.











"I feel, at times, that I am considered totally expendable and that,

if I die or become ill, not only will it have been preventable with political will,

I will simply be an inconvenient statistic.

I'm not a Covid hero, I'm a Covid cannon fodder."




"I finally understood, after all this time, that the law of life is suffering. 

But I can take that.

Bring it all on me and I will show you how to grow a flower out of ashes. "






1. All medical descriptions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in this story are not for practical use. Please view this story as a fictional derivative only. 

2. This story aims to promote solidarity against COVID-19 and healthcare. No discussion of political or social hate here. Let's create an inclusive and interactive environment for everyone.

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