Sapling Contest - End! (2022)

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Are you new to the writer scene? Is English your 2nd or 3rd language? Do you need motivation and engagement to help you start & complete your stories? Then join the Sapling contest today! 🌱 The Byun Baekhyun & OC/You Contest for new writers!


πŸ’š 🌱 πŸ’š
Hello everyone!
Welcome to the Sapling contest!
The Baekhyun x OC/You contest for new writers!
We have two Mods here at 🌱 Sapling 🌱 contest.
Strawberry Mod
πŸ“ (me,)
and Watermelon Mod
We are here to help you! Don't be afraid to reach out, okay?
Our goal is to help new writers grow and reach a bigger audience!
This contest lasts from January 1st to March 1st 2022.
There are two categories. Each category has their own rewards.
Category 1

Oneshots and chaptered stories. Your Sprouts work must be minimum 2K up to maximum 10K words long. (Finished works are allowed)
Category 2

Drabbles and poems. Your Seedling work must be minimum 500 up to maximum 3K words long. (Finished works are allowed)
Each category will have 3 genres.

Slice of life, Romance, Angst

Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-fi

Horror, Thriller, Gore

You can only apply once in a chosen category and genre. Any second filled out forms from participants will be removed. You can only participate in one category.

There are limited places for entry, we will keep everyone updated on how many spots are left on a daily update at the very bottom of the foreword. We open with 24 free spots for both categories, 12 for Sprouts and 12 for Seedlings. Every category will be divided in genres that we mentioned above and each will have 4 spots.
With what you can NOT enter the contest {Trigger Warning Below}:
Mocking of any mental illnesses, disorders, or disabilities
Romanization of any kind of abuse or violence
Non-con for ual interaction
Dub-con for ual interaction
ual content
Homophobic stories

The Mods are against the above mentioned themes, you're free to post them on your account but can NOT enter this contest.
How to participate:
You will have to fill out a Google form, providing us with:

🌱} What category you'll enter with, Sprouts or Seedlings
🌱} Which genre your story belongs to
🌱} Name/Nickname
🌱} AFF username
🌱} Name of story
🌱} LINK to story (if it's already finished)
🌱} Twitter/Tumblr (if it's not finished)

Only finished works with under 250 subscribers are allowed to enter. This contest is to encourage new sapling babies to grow and write more, becoming big beautiful trees!

If you don't have a finished work and want to enter with a new story that you will be writing in the two months span, a Fruit Mod will contact you soon, so please provide us an active Twitter or Tumblr account for easier communication.

Your submitted story must be completed by February 28th, 00:00 (midnight) KST.
You must submit the LINK to your story (in the Google form) by this date. Anyone who is late will be dropped from the contest.
*If you are writing a new story a Fruit Mod will be in contact with you for the LINK of your new Sapling story.

Winners will be determined by majority votes.
We will have a voting poll on AFF for each genre. (4 stories on each poll).

We will link the stories and open the polls on March 1st, 00:00 (midnight) KST.

The polls END on March 7th, 00:00 (midnight) KST.
Rewards for Top 3 Places in Category 1 {Sprouts}:

🌱} 1st place 500 Karma Points

🌱} 2nd place 400 Karma Points

🌱} 3rd place 300 Karma Points

Rewards for Top 3 Places in Category 2 {Seedlings}:

🌱} 1st place 300 Karma Points

🌱} 2nd place 200 Karma Points

🌱} 3rd place 100 Karma Points

Rewards for 4th Place of each Category:

🌱} A poster for their entry story made by Watermelon Mod πŸ‰.
Additional Information:

Use the contest banner and link to contest in the foreword of your entry story
*Click on the banner and download it


Every story will get featured/promoted in a blog post.

If there's a tie between any of the places, aka having the same amount of votes, the Karma Points will be split evenly so everything will be fair.

*Only stories that contain Baekhyun & OC or Baekhyun & You will be accepted.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send a PM and ask the Fruit Mods what you want to know!

πŸ’š22 spots left πŸ’š

View all the spaces available here!
πŸ’š 🌱 πŸ’š
βœΎβ‚βœ―jenny's printβœ―β‚βœΎ
[Sapling Contest🌱] Check out the two lovely stories and vote your favorite in the poll! βœ¨πŸ“


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so quick ?: will there be prompts like quote or title prompts to make it easier for new writers or those whose been in a long hiatus to get inspired enough to start writin / writin again due to writers block? cause ik someone who'd be interested but hasn't made her acct yet until the 10th due to wifi issues.
Love this! Good luck to all those who enter 🀍
Great program!!!
Nice plan to support new writers
Not gonna enter this but wanted to let you know that: Once again, this is a great way to keep AFF interesting and likeable for fresh authors! Thank you for organizing this and good luck to everyone giving it a shot!