Sweet Creature

Sweet Creature
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Karina stuffed one pizza slice on as she walked down the hallway just to hear again on the other room where Winter singing at the top of her lungs with a song that she never heard of. 


She continues to walk to her room when Winter opened the door with a big tablet on her hand, "Hey! Good timing. Come here and listen to this singer, he's good. His voice is rough." 


Karina saw the twinkle on the smaller girl's eyes and she don't want to ruin it even when her body is already tired from the dance practice earlier. She smiled widely and said, "Sure!" 


The short haired Winter guided Karina inside the room then made her sit on the bed; she plucked the earpod on her one ear then handed the other one to Karina. A mellow song from the famous "Harry Styles" play through their eardrums, "See? It's really good. The title is "Sweet Creature", you should check the lyrics." 


Karina really don't like the artist but she don't want to ruin the happiness she is seeing right now. The smile is almost melting her heart and Winter's voice tuning out the song on the background, her eyes were solely focused on Winter's rambling about the song. 


Winter's happiness is all that matters to Karina. 


Then maybe one day, she'll come to love the song. 


Because Winter loves it. 


Because she love how the girl beside her did hand gestures while talking about it. 


🎶I know when we started

Just two hearts in one home🎶








Karina breathe heavily as she put on her favorite scarf around her neck, minutes have passed until a loud knocks that stopped her reverie, "Winter, wait!" 


"Let's go! I'm excited to see them live!" Winter shouted from the other side of the door. 


Karina rolled her eyes but of course she cannot say "No" to the girl. She opened the door and saw an excited Winter who grabbed her hand as she run, "I don't want to be late. I am really happy that a fan gave me two tickets because I know you also love them." 


Winter looks like a cute dog wagging her tail while talking about the concert. Do I love them? She smile lovingly and thought about the time Winter on one interview that both of them love Harry Styles. 


She couldn't say anything; not because she actually loves the male singer but because of the infectious smile on Winter which made Karina thinks that the smaller girl is the most beautiful person. 


They were on lower balcony section, giving them the whole view of the set up on the stage but Karina's attention were on the girl beside her whose busy fangirling. She can't describe the feelings she has and she cannot stop it, not that she mind it at all because watching Winter enjoying the concert with a visible happiness on her is the most wonderful thing happened to her. She also love how the girl occasionally sing along, she's lucky that she's one of the few people who can listen to her captivating sweet vocal. 


When the singer started to sing "Adore You", Karina cannot help but to utter the lyrics under her breath. 


"You don't have to say you love me. I just wanna tell you somethin', lately you've been on my mind." 


With that, she suddenly feels like her world burst into different hues; but yellow and red shines above them all like the fireworks every New Year. 


🎶Oh, honey (ah)

I'd walk through fire for you

Just let me ador

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